Friday, November 10, 2017

Eggs are Better than So-Called Superfoods

Still Life with Eggs ~ Claude Monet

Today's featured article, Brits wasting money on new 'superfoods' when eggs contain most vitamins, nutritionist says, was published by FarmingUK.

Quite a few people are on to the gimmick of promoting "super foods" as a marketing tool or headline grabber. So it comes as no surprise that the chicken egg contains 18 essential nutrients and a high percentage of "good" fats. Eggs cost a lot less than most foods that are considered super foods, too.

Be sure to try to find a locally produced egg source from free range chickens which have more nutrients and healthier fats. They are worth the added price.

Which reminds me of my post from earlier this year: Oldest Person Ate 3 Eggs a Day