Friday, April 28, 2017

Oldest Person Ate 3 Eggs a Day

Recently, the world's oldest person died at age 117. Her name was Emma Morano and she lived in the Piedmont region of Italy. She had strong family genetics for longevity.

If true, this is what we know about her diet from various news sources:
  • She ate three eggs a day, two of them raw - for more than 90 years.
  • She had chicken for dinner in the evening.
  • She rarely ate fruits and vegetables.
  • She ate her raw eggs by scooping them up with biscotti.
  • For lunch she ate pasta with raw minced meat.
  • For supper she had a glass of milk.
  • At night she ate biscotti and hazelnut chocolates.
  • Last of the day, she had several spoons of her home spiked grappa, infused in a wide-necked jar with seven sage leaves, herbs and a few grapes.

Also, she believed in self-sufficiency and had a strong Catholic faith.

Let's not underestimate the holistic nature of longevity... genetics, lifestyle, mental attitude, avoiding accidents and water and air pollution, are all important. What a person eats is only a part of the picture.

It's no wonder I'm seeing a cooked egg atop every new recipe these days. Don't forget to mix up deviled eggs once in a while and also make that great kid recipe of fried egg in bread. Make sure your eggs are sourced locally from free ranging chickens which have diets rich in grass and bugs because they contain much more nutritious nutrients and fats.

(Photos from Pinterest.)