Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Agriculture, Farming, and Food Reading Picks for this Week


This Tuesday news thread is a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture.
  1. Find out how the nonprofit, Mighty Earth, used wrong statistics to conclude that meat and Tyson are the main culprits causing the Gulf dead zone. | Big Picture Agriculture
  2. Comment: In case you missed my post from yesterday... Was I the only one to notice the glaring statistical error they used in the report to reach their conclusion?
  3. Who really owns American farmland? | New Food Economy
  4. Comment: Important, excellent report.
  5. The Last Death-Defying Honey Hunter of Nepal - One man from the Kulung culture harvests psychotropic honey that is guarded by capricious spirits and the world’s largest honeybees. | National Geographic
  6. Chemicals Used on Almond Trees Linked to Bee Deaths | Got Science
  7. Battle lines are widening as the prospective paths narrow for a proposed high-powered transmission line through southwestern Wisconsin. | Wisconsin State Journal
  8. Telephony Elegy for Rural America - AT&T, Verizon looking to change rules for copper infrastructure retirement. | No Jitter
  9. Greece seizes more than 700kg of illegal pesticides from Turkey | EurActiv
  10. Small towns fight to save grocery stores — and their vitality | Kansas City Star
  11. Comment: A good, relevant piece. Online sales and deliveries will probably play an ever larger role.
  12. The Power of Regional Food System Investments to Transform Communities | St Louis Federal Reserve Publication
  13. Want to Buy a Farm? Here’s Where Prices Are Rising and Falling | Bloomberg
  14. USDA farmland values show Iowa up 1.9 percent, Illinois down | WQAD
  15. Maine’s farm real estate is least expensive in the East, but the price per acre is up by over 5% from 2016. | Press Herald
  16. Corn Is Piling Up on Brazil's Farms. Silos are full and corn is being stored in bags. | Bloomberg
  17. Ethanol leaders would like to see more corn burned to solve overproduction | Agriculture.com
  18. Comment: Kudos for their good headline.
  19. Colorado Divide: Seismic shifts create rural-urban chasm in the culture, economy and politics of the state - Demographics, migration signal widening differences between two Colorados | Denver Post
  20. Colorado Divide in photos: Rural Colorado is no monolith, no uniform land with identical problems or hopes for the future. | Denver Post
  21. Driven mainly by higher cereal, sugar and dairy quotations, global food prices rose for the third consecutive month in July, according to the United Nations agriculture agency. | FAO
  22. The keynote address given by the Prince of Wales at Harmony in Food and Farming conference (transcript and video) | Sustainable Food Trust
  23. As foodies seek local, Midwest farmers go global | Minnesota Public Radio
  24. Online farmers markets: a new trend in local foods | Farm and Dairy
  25. The Concord food co-op introduces online shopping | The Concord Insider
  26. Soil Science for a Hungry Planet | Project Syndicate
  27. UW Madison's Lancaster Ag Research Station celebrates half-century study of crop rotation | Hay & Forage
  28. With state funding cut, what's next for ISU's Leopold Center? | Iowa City Press-Citizen
  29. The Oregon Department of Agriculture says the state's nursery industry was the top commodity in 2016. | AP
  30. Planted acres of peanuts keeps heading up (with graph) | USDA
  31. Wholesale turkey prices in 2017 remain below years past (with graph) | USDA
  32. Drought spreads and intensifies across US Northern Plains | AP
  33. Democrats look to fit electric car credits into EPA's ethanol mandate | Washington Examiner
  34. Pigs and cows in Germany may be feasting more on wheat this year as heavy rains threaten the harvest for the European Union’s second-biggest producer. | Bloomberg
  35. Dutch and Germans ‘massively’ get rid of contaminated eggs | Euractiv
  36. 'Expect record phosphate, potash shipments in 2018', says Mosaic | Agrimoney
  37. This year’s Gulf of Mexico “dead zone” is the largest measured since dead zone mapping began there in 1985. | NOAA
  38. Japanese Beetles damaging crops in central and western Illinois | Illinois News Network
  39. Virgin prairie in a rural Illinois cemetery | Chicago Tribune
  40. Note: This is a great subject for those of us interested in preserving native prairies in the Midwest. My own experience with them is discouraging. I've watched prairie cemeteries from rural Nebraska "cared for" by 4-H groups and well-meaning locals came in to mow and spray until they resembled sterile in town lawn covered cemeteries. They didn't know what they had.
  41. Mexico considers importing avocados as staple priced out of consumers' reach | The Guardian
  42. Grocery stores could save dying suburban shopping malls | Business Insider
  43. Growing blueberries in a container | TribLive
  44. This hand powered machine plants perfect lines of seeds with minimal effort | Tech Insider
  45. You Think Bacon Prices Are High Now? Just Wait | Agweb
  46. Katrina Blair’s War for Weeds - One Durango woman’s mission to protect—and eat—wild weeds. | 5280
  47. Comment: A good read.
  48. Nebraska researcher using sorghum for textile dye | KTIC
  49. The annual Grain Gathering event and building a better bread | Wired
  50. Using wine bottle corks as mulch in your garden pots | Jeffco Gardener
  51. 11 foods that lower cholesterol (plus which ones to avoid) | Harvard Health
  52. With twice as many antioxidants as blueberries, double the potassium of bananas, and four times the vitamin C of oranges, currants are a mighty but relatively unknown fruit. | Adirondack Daily Enterprise
  53. South Korean women will soon outlive us all. What's their secret? | World Economic Forum

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