Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Agriculture, Farming, and Food Reading Picks for this Week

Cocos ~ Indonesia

This Tuesday news thread is a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture.
  1. Put the TV on: Photos of Americans eating dinner | Quartz
  2. Maine Farm stand thefts make farmers feel ‘sad for humanity’ | Bangor Daily News
  3. Scottsbluff, Nebraska Panhandle-transplant is a farmer of a different breed | Star Herald
  4. IGC cuts world grain output forecast by 11% | World-Grain
  5. It’s not just what U.S. farmland is foreign-held, it’s what’s the intentions are | AgDaily
  6. Solomon D. Butcher’s prairie photographs embrace homesteading life in all its complexity. | The Paris Review
  7. Note: The Nebraska prairie pioneer photographer that I'm so fond of, that I've been using on many Thursdays here on this site, is featured in The Paris Review! h/t Tam
  8. Worsening drought conditions in parts of US stressing crops | AP
  9. Inside Hampton Creek’s Empty Boardroom | Bloomberg
  10. Federal court hands ethanol industry big victory on EPA fuel mandate | Washington Examiner
  11. Roller Crimper Key in Organic No-Till System | Iowa NRCS
  12. Value of Water Is on the Rise | IPS
  13. Nebraska logs worst growth rate in U.S. due to slowdown in ag sector; Iowa not far behind | Omaha W-H
  14. AGCO to buy Monsanto's farm equipment business | Reuters
  15. Growers speak out over avocado thefts (aided by Google Maps!) | NZ Herald
  16. Exchange rate movements influence U.S. export competitiveness (Chart) | USDA
  17. In cold blow to US, Japan ups tariffs on frozen beef imports | AP
  18. To restore our soils, feed the microbes | The Conversation/Colorado State
  19. Almond tree acreage in California is now the size of Rhode Island at 1 million acres | AP
  20. Aerial View of Greece's Fish Farms | Wired
  21. Southern Corn Rust is in the Midwest Earlier than Ever | DTN
  22. US farmland overtakes timberland in investor returns | Agrimoney
  23. Crops that kill pests by shutting off their genes | ScienceDaily
  24. Quote: Plants are among many eukaryotes that can 'turn off' one or more of their genes by using a process called RNA interference to block protein translation. Researchers are now weaponizing this by engineering crops to produce specific RNA fragments that, upon ingestion by insects, initiate RNA interference to shut down a target gene essential for life or reproduction, killing or sterilizing the insects.
  25. Fertilizers, a Boon to Agriculture, Pose Growing Threat to U.S. Waterways | NYTs
  26. North Canada offers free land for farming due to global warming | Matangitonga
  27. People and wildlife now threatened by rapid destruction of central America's forests | Phys.org
  28. Archaeology shows there's more to millet than birdseed | Phys.org
  29. SoftBank Vision Fund Leads $200 Million Bet on Indoor Farms | Bloomberg
  30. About a third of U.S. food manufacturing jobs are in meat and poultry plants (Pie Graph) | USDA
  31. The Mad Cheese Scientists Fighting to Save the Dairy Industry | Bloomberg
  32. The Baraboo-based Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association is celebrating its 95th anniversary in livestock marketing | USAgnet
  33. Why drones may become as important to Iowa farmers as tractors | DesMoines Register
  34. Front Range scores another forward-looking agricultural-tech firm: Inocucor | Denver Post
  35. How cows are helping researchers fight HIV | Business Insider
  36. In 1967 James Wagner planted a mixture of grasses native to Nebraska on his farm near Winnetoon. Now, the prairie's well established, and he's ready to retire. | Norfolk Daily News
  37. California dairy farmer develops full-scale electric truck | Feedstuffs
  38. Buying Quality Hay Difficult for Western States with Added Demand for International Trade | Dairy Herd
  39. Potash Market Rebounds as Low Prices Drive Sales in Asia | Agweb
  40. Post-Conflict Colombia Seeks to Become Agricultural Powerhouse | Bloomberg
  41. Cash Rent Advice Around Iowa | WHO TV
  42. More and More Greeks Are Moving Out of Cities and Starting Over as Farmers | Earth Island Journal
  43. Using solar energy to irrigate your farm | New Vision
  44. This year's spraying of almond and pistachio trees update | Agfax
  45. Farmers in Minnesota and Wisconsin are now recycling millions of pounds of plastic | Star Tribune
  46. How BuzzFeed’s Tasty conquered online food | CNBC
  47. 'Freezer-to-table in 15 minutes or less': Omaha Steaks to introduce lineup of frozen skillet dinners | Omaha W-H
  48. Do Not Order Burgers at Restaurants - They’re overpriced and overwrought | Eater
  49. US Lags Far Behind in Banning Mercury Dental Health Hazard | IPS
  50. 42 flowers you can eat | Treehugger

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