Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tuesday Links +

An Anxious Moment ~ Briton Riviere ~ 1878

This Tuesday news thread is a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture.

  1. A Missourian Returns Home to Report on Why His Home State Voted for Trump | The Guardian
  2. The Essential Wendell Berry review – how America’s farmers betrayed the land | The Guardian
  3. Grain traders prepping fish oil substitutes for aquaculture, health fads | Reuters
  4. An English Sheep Farmer’s View of Rural America | NYTs
  5. For Many Farmers, Retirement Is a Source of Dread | NYTs
  6. China Backs Off of Importing U.S. Ethanol, DDGS Products | Agweb
  7. Icahn Lobbying Trump Sparks Civil War in U.S. Ethanol Sector | Agweb
  8. Wheat and maize prices drive FAO Food Price Index higher | World-Grain
  9. Why farmers and ranchers think the EPA Clean Water Rule goes too far | The Conversation
  10. The U.S. Department of Agriculture forecast U.S. wheat production in 2017 at 1.837 billion bushels, down 20% from 2016. | World-Grain
  11. U.S. Agricultural Production Systems of the Future: What Research is Needed Now? | USDA Blog
  12. Brazil's Agro+ Plan | Successful Farming
  13. Modern biological products do what? | Agweb
  14. Planting Green to Keep Soil Life Active | Hay & Forage
  15. Trends in World Corn Production | Agriculture Economic Insights
  16. Nationally, we are seeing extreme to exceptional (D3 to D4) drought conditions fall to their lowest point in more than 6 years. | US Agnet
  17. Have you looked at the Drought Monitor map lately? (tab above)
  18. New TB drug candidates developed from soil bacteria | Science Daily
  19. Room for greenhouse development in Newfoundland | HortiDaily
  20. The rise of biodynamic farming: a return to 'the way farmers farmed for millennia' | The Guardian
  21. Rich dyes flow from a small college garden | Black Mountain News

  1. The Secret (Smart) Life of Bees | Science Friday (17 minutes)
  2. FRED KIRSCHENMANN – author Cultivating an Ecological Conscience | Tributaries Radio (30 minutes) (Rerun, but good - as Kirschenmann always is.)


Agriculture: The Ancient Ways, Today, & Tomorrow - California Documentary

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