Tuesday, March 21, 2017

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Returning From The Work ~ Konstantin Yuon ~ 1930

This Tuesday news thread is a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture.
  1. The Middle East and North Africa risk becoming uninhabitable in a few decades, as accessible fresh water has fallen by two-thirds over the past 40 years, home to nearly 400 million inhabitants. | IPS
  2. Suicides In Rural America Increased More Than 40% In 16 Years | American Council on Science and Health
  3. Ethics of Fashion | Sunday Guardian
  4. Are you, your neighbors ready for dicamba? | AgWeb
  5. Phosphate is vital for best crop yields, but global supply is limited, could peak in 30 years | Science Daily
  6. How water swaps help the West manage a precious resource | CSM
  7. Cow herd numbers continue up but Average profit expected to drop to $45 per cow in 2017 | Agweb
  8. Florida’s tomato pickers took on some of the country’s biggest retailers and fast-food chains – and won, transforming working conditions in the tomato fields. | CSM
  9. Bowery Farm warehouse claims it can grow 100 times more greens per square foot than traditional farms | Business Insider
  10. In northern Mongolia, an ethnic group of reindeer herders and rangers conflict over subsistence lifestyle. | Aljazeera
  11. USDA Supporting the National Native Seed Strategy | USDA
  12. Nebraska ag-land values down 10 percent | Lincoln Journal Star
  13. Rabbit farming gets EU lawmakers hopping mad | Euractiv
  14. Agriculture nominee Perdue will get hearing March 23rd | Pilot online
  15. Agriculture leaders slam Trump's USDA budget cut proposal | Reuters
  16. Wages rise on California farms. Americans still don’t want the job | LA Times
  17. The future of farming and land conservation on Martha’s Vineyard | MV Times
  18. In India, Farm loan waiver is no solution to farmers’ woes | Livemint
  19. Albertsons Said to Weigh Merger With Organic Grocer Sprouts | Bloomberg
  20. Saffron growers look to get a foothold in the US | Horti Daily
  21. Court documents raise questions of Roundup | Harvest Public Media
  22. California Judge Rules Against Monsanto, Allows Cancer Warning on Roundup | Truth-Out
  23. U.S. ethanol exports rise 26% in 2016 to second-highest level on record (with chart) | EIA
  24. Saudi Arabia ramps up U.S. DDGS purchases | World-Grain
  25. Can Africa deal with an expected boom in demand for meat? | Reuters
  26. Sex trafficking in small towns: ‘It happens virtually anywhere’ | Harvest Public Media
  27. Reconsider the impact of trees on water cycles and climate | EurekAlert!
  28. Organic grain terminal set to be built in Ukraine | World-Grain
  29. Unforeseen impacts of the fair trade movement | EurekAlert!
  30. Farmland Partners: A 4.8% Dividend With Increases Coming | Seeking Alpha
  31. A San Francisco startup just created the world's first lab-grown chicken | Tech Insider
  32. Is this the beginning of the end of meat? | Wash-Post WonkBlog
  33. Marek Pokorny swapped his career in environmental engineering for one in snail farming. Now he hopes to sell his caviar in Irish and European restaurants | Independent
  34. Butter Sales Reach 50-Year High | US Agnet
  35. The bizarre hybrid fruits and vegetables revolutionising mealtimes including kiwi berries and 'pluots' (that's plums crossed with apricots!) | Daily Mail
  1. Italy’s Struggling Economy Has World’s Healthiest People | Bloomberg
    k.m.: This report would reinforce my long-held endorsement of the Mediterranean diet which includes lots of fresh vegetables, oily fish, and olive oil. Be sure to look at the interesting map in the article.
    The top 5 healthiest countries, according to this, are:
    1. Italy
    2. Iceland
    3. Switzerland
    4. Singapore
    5. Australia
  2. Indigenous South American group has healthiest arteries of all populations yet studied, providing clues to healthy lives | Medical Press


Unlocking Barley's Potential: The International Barley Hub project in Scotland

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