Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tuesday Links +

"Sunset in a snowy landscape" 1950. Cuno Amiet.

This Tuesday news thread is a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture.
  1. Research shows how to grow more cassava, one of the world’s key food crops | The Conversation
  2. Meet the German movement to transform agriculture; An estimated 18,000 people recently took to the streets in Berlin to show support for small-scale farmers and wholesome food. Why are food politics so big in Germany? | DW
  3. Sequencing Poisonous Mushrooms to Potentially Create Medicine | USAgnet
  4. UK scientists have created a synthetic molecule that when applied to crops, has been shown to increase the size and starch content of wheat grains in the lab by up to 20%. | Black Sea Grain
  5. In a major improvement, nearly half of California is no longer in a drought | LA Times
  6. Nanoparticle fertilizer could contribute to new 'green revolution' | Phys.org
  7. NRCS, USFWS Partner to Accelerate Conservation on Agricultural Lands for the Monarch Butterfly | USDA
  8. Bandaid alert! I'd say they're missing the forest for the trees, or, the grasslands for the corn, soy, and ethanol policies, in this case.
  9. Plant biologists are using robots and high tech for data collection | Nature
  10. From flask to field: How tiny microbes are revolutionizing big agriculture | SF Gate
  11. Korean Natural Farming Methods | Tribune Media
  12. [See how it's being considered in Hawaii]
  13. In a new study biochar helps yields, but only in the short term; Adding biochar to a farm's field is an irreversible decision, so understanding its long-term impacts is essential for farmers to make informed decisions. | UC Davis
  14. Oregon Agriculture Officials Take Aim At Japanese Beetle | OPB
  15. It is estimated that between 2,000 and 5,000 litres of water are needed to produce a person’s daily food. | IPS News
  16. Farming the sea - Maine’s aquaculture industry grows through research, innovation and collaboration | U Maine Today
  17. John and Beverly Gilbert will receive 2017 Sustainable Agriculture Achievement Award from Practical Farmers of Iowa | Practical Farmers
  18. Quote: “The mindset has gotten so focused on raising corn and beans that not many understand the potential of this landscape to support people. I have long thought that if we can’t replace the number of people we have farming, there are serious problems ahead for society. Rural culture is fading fast in many places – and throughout history, rural areas produced the people who have innovated, been leaders and really made a difference long-term in the greater society.”
  19. Corn turning French hamsters into deranged cannibals: research | Phys.org
  20. Lessons From The Bug Factory: How Tiny Farms Is Redefining The Cricket Business | Forbes
  21. Winter farming in high demand thanks to farm-to-table movement; Farmers in colder areas increasingly use greenhouses to provide local produce | The Denver Post
  22. Low tech greenhouses are very efficient season extenders. We need more!
  23. Problems with today's lack of standards in labeling "whole grains" foods and as a result, people aren't getting enough whole grain in their diets | TIME
  24. Is souping the new juicing? | Food Navigator
  25. Cold soups in a bottle for more dietary fiber.

SCIENCE PICK BONUS (Might this be a game-changer?):

Advance in high-pressure physics; Harvard scientists announce they've created metallic hydrogen, which has been just a theory | Harvard Gazette


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