Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesday Links +

"In the Redwoods" 1894. Thomas Hill.

This Tuesday news thread is a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture.
  1. Remarkable photos capture the light that plants emit. | Wired
  2. Survey reveals ‘amazing’ soil loss in Great Plains region | Producer
  3. Spray this invisible, edible coating on produce and it will last five times longer | Business Insider
  4. The 16 Questions Facing Production Agriculture in 2017 | Agriculture Economic Insights
  5. Vast genetic resource will aid development of wheat plants with improved traits | ScienceDaily
  6. CrowdCow and other start ups help distribute small amounts of grass fed beef. | NYTs
  7. Could Lab Grown Meat Signal the End of Slaughterhouses? | Plant Based News [The 12-minute interview at the end of the article is well worth watching.]
  8. India in 2050: Future of Food | Business world India
  9. Trump expects 'big results' from his choice to lead USDA  | AP/StarTribune [2 comments: 1) He's not a lawyer from Iowa or Nebraska 2) I'm not holding my breath for much change to occur under Perdue.]  
  10. Trump's order to withdraw from TPP concerns US agriculture | Delta Farm Press [Remember that Bernie and many Dems opposed the TPP, so this should please a wide swath. A conservationist's viewpoint/writing I covered last August opposing TPP can be found here.]
  11. $252 million for Conservation Partnerships in 2018 | NSAC
  12. USDA Sets Tougher Animal-Welfare Standards for Organic Farming | WSJ
  13. Addressing the gap between research and practice in sustainable agriculture | ScienceDaily [This is important on a couple of levels.]
  14. Organic farmers call for sustainability-driven CAP payments | EurActiv
  15. Returns for US grain land investors lowest since at least 1980s | Agrimoney
  16. An urban logistics crisis is looming which, if not addressed now, could even lead to a shortage of essential food supplies on the shelves of grocery retailers and at other food outlets. | SHD Logistics [This is the 1st time I've seen this problem raised. It is not surprising. Will delivery/logistics technology save the ever-increasing urban density trend?]
  17. Farmers' choice not to participate in surveys poses threat to USDA data objectivity | Reuters [Huge problem, here.]
  18. Last-minute proposal from Obama administration addresses CRISPR and other technologies. | Nature 
  19. Growing Pains for Illinois Cannabis Farm | Agriculture.com
  20. Does Precision Ag Increase Profits? | DTN [No, not for the farmer anyway.]
  21. For Taste of Farm Life, There’s No Place Like a Homestead | NYTs
  22. Some French Tired of the Urban Rat Race are drawn to the Farm | NYTs
  23. Clare Mukankusi, Bean Breeder at CIAT, Kawanda, Uganda | CIAT/CGIAR
  24. Do farm folks have better vision because they spend more time outdoors? | NYTs [Perhaps. My father and brother who farm have 20/20 vision. Me? Not so much. Small sample.]
  25. Coffee/caffeine have anti-inflammatory effects which increase longevity.  | MNT


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