Friday, October 14, 2016

"The Ethanol Effect" PBS Documentary is Finally Here

Finally, the long awaited documentary about Ethanol, "The Ethanol Effect" is beginning to air on PBS.

You can view the whole 56 minute show ONLINE HERE and be among the very first to see it.

It is presented by former Scientific American writer, David Biello.

UPDATE: My critique of the documentary can be found here: Why I Give PBS Documentary "The Ethanol Effect" a Grade of C Minus.


  1. I just watched it. There was one short statement that to my way of thinking was way understated - ethanol is less energy. I think that should have been emphasized more. Emphasized to the point of doing the math on the screen from the consumer perspective. If E-10 is losing money, then more money is lost by the consumer as the ethanol content increases. That's simple math.

    1. Thanks for your critique. Unfortunately, there are gas buyers who aren't even aware of the less energy fact, so glad you emphasized that.