Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tuesday Links +

OECD and FAO see likely end to period of high agricultural prices | FAO (Remember all those voices telling us that the-world-is-running-out-of-food back in 2008?)

Developers of fortified food staple awarded World Food Prize | Capitol Press

U.S. Grain Stocks Piling Up | Ag Web

Just five food commodities produce more greenhouse gases than any country except emissions giants China and the US | Oxfam (wheat, soy, corn, rice, palm oil)

World-Class Vinegar in a Nebraska town of 150 | Center for Rural Affairs

Larger portions have more calories. Please don’t laugh. | Food Politics

Little to no association between butter consumption, chronic disease or total mortality | Science Daily

Michael Pollan Explains Why Psychedelic Drugs Are the Ultimate Meal for Your Mind | Mother Jones (This is quite interesting and will be the subject of Pollan's next book. The podcast is 50 minutes. It looks like Pollan will be getting into the subject of spirituality in this book, too.)

Brazil, legumes, and protectionism | The Economist

The Superfood Moringa Tree | New Yorker

Proponents of ethanol from across the nation recently converged on Kansas City to testify at the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) field hearing on the proposed 2017 target levels under the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS). About 160 speakers took the opportunity to address the issue, and nearly 90 percent urged the EPA to increase that target level. | Farm and Ranch Guide

USDA to Aid Farmers With $500 Million in Loans | AgWeb

The developing world is awash in pesticides. There may be a better way. | Vox

Sub-Saharan Africa Agriculture to Rise 2.6% Yearly Through 2025 | Bloomberg

Extension Agents: The Unsung Heroes of the Agricultural World | Modern Farmer (Their list includes Adrian Card who hails from my own Boulder County. I know him and he is terrific, terrific.)

The summer monsoon in New Mexico and corn | Tiwa Farms

The run-down on mulches | Argus

What Is The Government Preparing For? | The Economic Collapse (Warning - doomer porn)

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  1. RE: Pollan's book

    Psychedelics as a meal for the mind has many drawbacks. The actual, healthy choice of a meal for the mind is interaction with another Consciousness. The whys and wherefore's can all be found on the Web, for those interested. Happy Hunting !!

  2. I think that psychedelics are used for those wanting a short cut to spiritual insight and experience, as the other route requires time and dedication.

  3. Yup, you are precisely correct. Unfortunately there are no shortcuts to growing up, in a spiritual sense. That's why imbibing in psychedelics with that as a goal, is one of the downside. It may well be great entertainment, though, that's not the same as growing up, in the sense I'm pointing out.

    Since you say 'the other route' I'll clarify that there is no time limit and dedication is little more, than being caring and compassionate toward others. Yes, it requires some effort if you are anti-social, for example.

    Hope you had an enjoyable holiday, Kay.