Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tuesday Links +

📌 The government is 'scamming us to grow corn ethanol instead of real food' (Written by Kimbal Musk who owns restaurants here in Boulder, and who is the brother of Elon Musk) | Tech Insider

📌 This is written by Bob Goodlatte, House of Rep. from Virginia, who has introduced a new bill trying to repeal the ethanol mandate: "As we work to build support for eliminating the mandate, I’ve also introduced bipartisan legislation to make significant reforms to it, including capping the amount of ethanol in the fuel supply at 10 percent and eliminating corn-based ethanol requirements." | Daily Progress

📌 The ethanol industry, on the other hand, wishes to see higher blends, E15 and E85, and more exports which are now at 1 billion gallons per year | Biofuels International

📌 Southern Minnesota ethanol producer fined yet again for polluting | StarTribune

📌 In this opinion piece, Bruce I. Knight, the principal at Strategic Conservation Solutions and a former Chief of the Natural Resources Conservation Service, turns his ongoing series on the 2018 Farm Bill toward soil health... | Agree

📌 Bottom-up versus export-led development (This is good.) | Policy Pennings

📌 FAO's Biannual Food Outlook Report for June 2016 | FAO

📌 Autonomous Ag Future | Iowa Farmer Today

📌 Pakistan Cotton Crisis | IPS

📌 Following the momentous vote out of N.D., the North Dakota Farm Bureau asked a federal judge to declare the state’s nearly century-old anti-corporate farming law unconstitutional. | Agri-News

📌 For Wisconsin beekeepers, a question: To migrate, or not? "Hauke, who sends 2,400 hives there (California) each year, called it "a cesspool" in which sick honeybees mingle with healthy ones among the trees that produce 50 to 80 percent of the world's almonds. Making matters worse, some almond farmers spray pesticides when the bees are pollinating, he said." | The Sacramento Bee

📌 GMO labels: The great American food fight; How Vermont's labeling law for genetically modified foods may change what America eats. | Christian Science Monitor

📌 Montana's Richard Geary is down about ranching and barely making a living in this eloquent philosophical rambling. | Missoulian

📌 A Momentous Change is Underway in the Egg Case | USDA

📌 Land Grabbing by Global Agribusiness; GRAIN publishes a new dataset documenting nearly 500 cases of land grabbing around the world | Global Research

📌 Orange quality excellent as varieties, sources shift | The Packer

📌 In Nebraska and other rural regions, it is immigration which is revitalizing communities hit by aging and a brain-drain. (Part 2.) | Center for Rural Affairs

📌 Chicago Is Quietly Becoming America’s Urban Farming Capital | Alternet

📌 Israel’s solution to peanut allergies - introduce at-risk babies to peanuts? | Food Politics

📌 Australian dairy farmers need grocery aid because they can't make a living | ABC

📌 Sometimes in farming, you lose a finger | Coloradoan

📌 Photos of organic farming pioneer, Steven Schwenn's farm in Minnesota. | Minnesota Public Radio

I love this piece of art by Nina Montenegro (republished with permission of the artist) which demonstrates the amazing repetition of patterns evident throughout Nature. It is a wax rubbing of tree rings and a fingerprint, side by side. Her website is here: www.ninamontengro.com .

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