Friday, April 29, 2016

Chart Shows Consolidation of Organic Food Companies

This chart by Philip H. Howard of Michigan State University shows how the organic food processing industries have been consolidating.

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To learn more, visit Howard's site here.


  1. Great chart. It would be interesting to see how the boards of directors interlock. Don't know how to find that?

    1. John, I have no idea. Perhaps Howard, who made the chart, might.

      This chart serves as a good reminder that successful small businesses (often) ultimately sell and become part of a larger corporation. There are only 5 remaining large book publishers. Consolidated seed companies. Etc. But in this case, I think we like to think of healthy organic companies as independent and small, when in actuality any business that is successful for whatever reason including Annie's, Ben & Jerry's, will become gobbled up.

    2. Great data point to suggest.

  2. Corporations are destroying the world.