Thursday, April 28, 2016

1935 Sharecropper and Water Wagon

Sharecropper with homemade water wagon, Arkansas. 1935.

United States Farm Security Administration.

Photographer: Ben Shahn.

THE MIRIAM AND IRA D. WALLACH DIVISION - Digital Public Library of America.


  1. i take it the tins hold water...but what are they doing with it in that picture, other than posing for the photo? not really enough water there for any kind of irrigation, yet more than one would need to drink over a day...

  2. Maybe the water is for the goats?

    It looks like it says Ozark Mountaineer 1935 (instead of 1945) at the bottom of the photo.

    1. And I meant to say-- that's a nice little cart. Sort of an early-days garden cart with two large wheels.

    2. That was my thought too, was it looks like there are livestock that also need water. Thanks for noting the date - I've made the correction.