Thursday, January 28, 2016

Upcoming PBS Documentary: The Ethanol Effect

David Biello, the long time energy and environment editor for Scientific American, is working on a documentary about corn ethanol that is to be released "coming in time for the 2016 elections". The film trailer calls it a civil war going on in the heartland on the family farm about corn grown to be burned. One of the questions he asks is "What pits agriculture against the environment?" and he pits "clean energy against clean water". Biello is working with Detroit Public Television on this hour-long documentary for PBS.

UPDATE: Now that I've seen the show, I've critiqued it here: Why I Give PBS Documentary "The Ethanol Effect" a Grade of C minus


  1. I hope they get into the dollars per btu that an internal combustion engine owner is interested in.

  2. I hope so, too, and I also wish they'd discuss how ethanol use in summertime was found to produce ozone in Brazil.

    1. That's one I thought was just a rumor. I hadn't ever come across a credible article.

    2. RBM,
      It was very credible and I featured it a couple of times on Big Picture Agriculture. It was from the Journal Nature and you can read it here on Scientific American: Ethanol Fuels Ozone Pollution

      Thanks for the discussion.

  3. I missed that on BPA, then. Thanks for the link !