Sunday, December 4, 2011

Radio EcoShock Show on Agriculture Starts with an Allan Savory Interview

This post is to point readers to a 25-minute interview by Alex Smith (Radio EcoShock) of Allan Savory, CLIMATE SOLUTION: FROM AIR TO SOIL. Savory is a 76 year old pioneer biologist and agriculturalist from Zimbabwe.

There is a lot of wisdom in Savory's view though it is doubtful that humans will embrace it. The second half of the show is an interview of Abe Collins of Vermont who also uses grazing for improved soil management. Then, the show ends with Aaron Newton of North Carolina who spoke at this year's ASPO convention.

Here are a few key points Savory makes:
  • Savory defines agriculture as land used to produce food and fiber, NOT as crop production.
  • Savory likes to remind people that carbon sequestration methods which are not natural will have unintended consequences. Natural holistic planned grazing methods where large herbivores roam on grasslands in the company of predators such as wolves IS natural.
  • Savory wants us to focus on a brown revolution, supporting the soils, not another green revolution as Bill Gates plans, which horrifies Savory.
  • He feels that the most frightening statistic in the world is that more soil is being eroded than the amount of food being grown.
  • The greatest reservoir of water in the world is soil, not rivers and lakes.

Here is the Savory Institute You tube channel.

Recommended paper on Savory's plan for the soil and the climate, this short paper is it. "A Global Strategy for Addressing Global Climate Change"

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