Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Famous Chipotle Ad: A Return to Farming's Roots with Willie Nelson's Help

I'm really late to this, probably because I rarely watch TV.


  1. As I don't have TV service at home and the most TV I watch is in the work lunchroom on a given day, I've never seen the ad. I don't know who Chipotle is.

    But it's interesting to see what's bubbling up in the mainstream media cauldron.a

  2. Chipotle is a Denver based restaurant serving Mexican style dishes which use organic fresh ingredients. They are one of the fastest growing restaurants in the world, and the stock price has shown that. (If, indeed you do live in Lincoln there has been one there for at least five years.) The people working behind the counter often can't speak English and the company has been caught with some immigration legal problems. I personally like their vegetarian "bowl". Because I like it I've never even tried anything else on their menu.