Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Agriculture, Farming, and Food Reading Picks for this Week

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This Tuesday news thread is a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture.
  1. Huge ‘dead zone’ demands new approach | DesMoines Register
  2. Comment: Superb! Quote... "to make a real difference, we must change federal policies that provide growers with incentives to plant more corn that leads to more environmental problems."
  3. Will rural Iowa wither as big ag becomes bigger, squeezing out farms in the middle? | DesMoines Register
  4. Comment: My 2nd top pick is also from the DesMoines Register. This is a long and excellent article and effort by their paper to help forward the discussion about the rural demographic crisis and the changing role and shape of agriculture in Iowa. It includes great statistics to illustrate trends. Economics, politics of farm bill support, consumer values and technological advancements all play big roles. The paper is participating in several forums with an Iowa sociology professor to discuss the issues that Iowans perceive as important. This is multi-factored, so there is no simple answer.
  5. Illinois Issues: The Rural Exodus | Illinois Public Radio
  6. Comment: A similar story out of Illinois, with statistics and observations about the depopulation of small towns and rural areas in Illinois.
  7. Struggling town epitomizes rural poverty in Illinois | Illinois Farmer Today
  8. ***Trees and shrubs offer new food crops to diversify the farm | Science Daily
  9. Comment: Part of the reason I do these news links each week is to contribute to problem solving by constantly presenting ideas, science, and trends. Great proposals originating at the Univ. of Illinois! I hope it can gain some momentum.
  10. America’s Farmers Turn to Bank of John Deere - With banks more tentative, machinery maker raises financing to growers, keeping them as customers but feeding menacing debt | WSJ (paywall)
  11. Dicamba-tolerant soybean technology problems and the future | Agriculture.com
  12. What should the farm bill really look like and do? | Food Politics
  13. Rep. Ann Kuster (D-N.H.) has introduced a bill that aims to help farmers transition to organic agriculture and boost American production of organic products to reduce dependence on imports. | Lexology
  14. Food banks, health services find ways to cater to rural areas | Missouri Farmer Today
  15. ERs can improve population health in rural areas | Medical Xpress
  16. Behind the rise of farm-to-table "agrihood" communities | CBS News
  17. Land Use in Agriculture | Our World in Data
  18. Farm Economy Softens Further, But Shows Signs of Stabilizing | Federal Reserve Bank of KC
  19. 7th District Land Values | Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
  20. Back to the land: Russia’s farming transformation - Can government policy and a new foodie class turn the country into an agricultural force? | FT Magazine
  21. Comment: Quality, in depth article, important in the discussion of changing global agriculture powerhouses. Artisanal cheese production is growing rapidly in Russia, as are organics. Their industrial cheese producers are substituting palm oil for milk, however, and the last three paragraphs demonstrate some other obstacles to success.
  22. D.I.Y. Artificial Intelligence Comes to a Japanese Family Farm | The New Yorker
  23. Organic Farming Promoted in Kerala | The News Minute
  24. Tomatoes dominate Dutch greenhouse horticulture | Dutch News
  25. Russia to ramp up year-round tomato production with major greenhouse project | Fresh Fruit Portal
  26. Italians inaugurate sophisticated residual heat greenhouse | Horti Daily
  27. USDA Forecasts Record-High Soybean Production | USAgnet
  28. Wheat buckles under weight of Russian mega-crop | Agrimoney
  29. Popular Pesticides Keep Bumblebees From Laying Eggs | NPR The Salt
  30. The terrible cost of Scotland’s salmon farms | FT
  31. Hong Kong cleans up 93 tonnes of palm oil; beaches smothered by spill | Reuters
  32. Tanker carrying 8,000 gallons of ethanol overturns in Rowan Co. N.C. | WSOC TV
  33. Nebraska Grain bin collapses spilling over one million bushels of corn | Nebraska TV
  34. USDA Report on Irrigated Agriculture | USDA
  35. Foxconn wants to cultivate ties with Wisconsin ginseng growers | Madison.com
  36. USDA Organic: The fight for the label’s integrity - How legal battles behind the label are defining what it takes to be certified | Street Roots News
  37. Wheat Farmer Ordered to Pay $2.8 Million | The Land Report
  38. Impossible Foods gets heat from environmentalists over safety | San Francisco Chronicle
  39. Your Greens Might Soon Be Grown in Warehouses - Technology-driven businesses such as New Jersey-based Bowery are bypassing traditional farming with warehouses and LED fixtures. | National Geographic
  40. Soil doesn't forget | CIRES
  41. Quote: “When the cropland is created, they are erasing the words from a story that took millennia to write.”
  42. Promise Or Peril? Africa’s 830 Million Young People By 2050 | Huff-Post
  43. Federal judge clears way for completion of Missouri River water project in North Dakota | Gazette Times
  44. Rural America’s Childbirth Crisis: The Fight to Save Whitney Brown - Women in sparsely populated places are more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than those in large cities—a reversal from 2000 | WSJ (paywall)
  45. The Future of Sustainable Food Is the Stuff of Science Fiction | Sustainable Brands
  46. In these five countries, people live substantially longer than the worldwide average – and each place has its own secret source of vitality. | BBC
  47. The 13 most dangerous foods in the world | Business Insider
  48. How Switzerland transformed breakfast | BBC
  49. A nutrition scientist predicts a future in which pizza is nutritious as a superfood | Business Insider
  50. The $37 billion supplement industry is barely regulated — and it's allowing dangerous products to slip through the cracks | Business Insider
  51. Vitamin B3 supplements can prevent miscarriages, birth defects: study | ABC
  52. NOTE: Potentially very important find!!

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