Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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1897 ~ Homeward At Milking-Time, Saltholm ~ Theodor Philipsen

This Tuesday news thread is a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture.
  1. How corn took over U.S. farmlands | Bloomberg
  2. Note: Ending quote says it all: “Farmers share the wealth. We buy new equipment, we add storage. We have a hard time hanging on to our cash.”
  3. What if CRP Acres Increased? | Agriculture Economic Insights
  4. Note: Great Map showing CRP state enrollment changes.
  5. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue creates new position to help oversee trade | Omaha W-H
  6. A team of agricultural engineers are attempting a world-first of growing and harvesting a field of cereal crop barley without a human setting foot on the land. | Daily Mail
  7. A new study released today by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) found that modified three- and four-crop farming systems could be scaled up and adopted widely in Corn Belt states | UCSUSA
  8. Governor Branstad saves Iowa State Leopold Center with veto | The Gazette
  9. Commodity trader Cargill expects grain glut to last a long time | Reuters
  10. Note: Use stocks graphs link at bottom of article.
  11. China Now Has a Rail Link Into the Heart of Europe | WSJ
  12. World barley stocks to fall to 34-year low, as farmers switch crops | Agrimoney
  13. Entomologists call it the windshield phenomenon. "If you talk to people, they have a gut feeling. | Science
  14. Note: When I wrote about a trip across Nebraska several years ago, I said this very thing, that there were fewer bugs splatting across the windshield as compared to a few decades ago. At the time I wrote that, I'd never seen it mentioned before, though it certainly stands to reason. Ironically, this article also quotes someone from Nebraska.
  15. The hegemony of the CRISPR system as a gene-editing therapy is not as assured as its use as a tool in basic research. | Nature
  16. Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Farmland Prices Report | Ag Letter May 2017
  17. Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Farm Sector Report | May 2017 Ag Credit Survey
  18. Genetically Modified Alfalfa Production in the United States | Amber Waves
  19. Tame Erosion with Solutions that work | Successful Farming
  20. Agricultural sustainability: Five midwestern row crop farmers share their views | Journal of Soil and Water Conservation
  21. Mustard set to be India’s first GM food | Times of India
  22. More research focusing on greenhouse food crops | Urban Ag News
  23. A Boulder County Farmer Reports on GMO vs Non-GMO crop yields | Daily Camera
  24. A South Dakota company is still working to raise enough money to build a $150 million ethanol plant just south of Onida. | US News
  25. US Ethanol Industry Promotes Ethanol to Canadians | US Agnet
  26. Chinese Chicken Is Headed To America, But It's Really All About The Beef | NPR's The Salt
  27. NASS Issues Ag Chemical Use on Corn for 19 States | US Agnet
  28. Oregon ag land selling at fast pace; ramifications unclear | AP
  29. Odd Lots: How Instagram Turned Into a Giant Market for Food | Bloomberg
  30. 'World's largest indoor farm' to rise in an unlikely spot in South Jersey | Philly.com
  31. Japan is a global model for healthy diets, FAO Director-General says | FAO
  32. Photos: A spring day on the Seed Savers Exchange Heritage Farm | DesMoines Register


Water and Global Resources talk at Univ. of Nebraska by Arthur Gen “A.G.” Kawamura

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