Tuesday, May 9, 2017

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Cattle On The Island Of Saltholm ~ Theodor Philipsen ~ 1890

This Tuesday news thread is a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture.
  1. FAO Food Price Index dips again in April; Updated forecasts point to weakening trade volumes and robust supply conditions for wheat and maize | FAO
  2. Green Plains, the country’s second-largest ethanol producer, bought two livestock feedlots from ag giant Cargill, more than doubling its cattle-feeding capacity and becoming the fourth-largest cattle feeder in the nation. | Omaha World-Herald
  3. Why It’s Time to Stop Punishing Our Soils with Fertilizers; Researcher Rick Haney talks about the folly of pursuing ever-greater crop yields using fertilizers and other chemicals and how farmland can by restored through natural methods. | YaleE360
  4. Paul Hawken's list of ways to reverse climate change | MinnPost
  5. Note: This includes a multitude of food-farming related items.
  6. Researchers seek better ways to farm popular Pacific fish | Phys.org
  7. A major new report on biofuels in Australia paints a bleak picture for the industry | Biofuels International
  8. Note: The bottom line is that the Australian consumer doesn't want the biofuel product. In the U.S., the mandates are everything to the industry for this political product.
  9. Avocado prices are soaring | The Packer
  10. Monsanto’s NemaStrike Technology approved by EPA | Southwest Farm Press
  11. ChemChina clinches landmark $43 billion takeover of Syngenta | Reuters
  12. Cellular agriculture: Growing meat in a lab setting | SanFrancisco Chronicle
  13. Huge crops, record storage signaling more woes for grain merchants | Reuters
  14. Bunge profit dives as grain glut hits margins; shares drop | Reuters
  15. The future of food production in 12 charts | Ensia
  16. CSU’s plans for on-campus slaughterhouse draw criticism from sustainability advocates; JBS to donate $7.5 million for construction. | Denver Post
  17. The Slow Growth Chicken Movement, Redbro from Perdue | NYTs
  18. Economics and Bad Weather Amplify Africa’s Food Crisis; Rising inflation, foreign-exchange shortages raise prices of staples even in regions unaffected by war | WSJ
  19. Apple-Picking Robot Prepares to Compete for Farm Jobs | Technology Review
  20. Strawberry scientist is sued over the fruits of his research | Phys.org
  21. Chart: Avocado imports play a significant role in meeting growing U.S. demand | USDA
  22. The story of how Seaboard Triumph Food's new meat processing plant finds workers in Sioux City, Iowa | Sioux City Journal
  23. Case Farms built its business by recruiting immigrant workers from Guatemala, who endure conditions few Americans would put up with. | The New Yorker
  24. Damage to U.S. Crops Won't End the Global Wheat Glut | Bloomberg
  25. World Can't Get Enough Soy, Top Growers Ship at Record Pace | Bloomberg
  26. Here comes synthetic cannabis | Ozy
  27. Book: The Running Hare by John Lewis-Stempel review – a paean to old-fashioned farming | The Guardian
  28. How long can a seed stay alive and why? | Parade Magazine
  29. Aspirin May Prevent Cancer from Spreading | Sci-Am

Feeding Bluefin Tuna Soybeans instead of Sardines

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