Tuesday, March 14, 2017

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Jose Malhoa ~ 1898 ~ The Bakers, A Market in Figueiró

This Tuesday news thread is a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture.

  1. The Company Making Egg Whites Without Hens | Medium
  2. UN experts denounce 'myth' pesticides are necessary to feed the world | The Guardian
  3. Million-dollar farms accounted for over half of production in 2015 | USDA (chart)
  4. As grasslands shrink, a rural war rages over mowing ditches; But cutting the grass could deplete much-needed wildlife habitat, Minnesota says. | Star-Tribune
  5. Tensions Grow as Solar Projects Supplant Farmland | WSJ
  6. House Ag Subcommittee Examines Conservation Issues | Farm Policy News
  7. Expanded land-idling measures proposed for new farm bill | World-Grain
  8. The Ongoing Debate over Farmland Taxation | Farmdocdaily
  9. Includes helpful maps. (Nebraska high in Midwest)
  10. Top 8 Richest Farmers in the World | Luxatic
  11. Scientists create ‘designer yeast’ in major step toward synthetic life | Wash-Post
  12. Raped, beaten, exploited: the 21st-century slavery propping up Sicilian farming | The Guardian
  13. Israeli agriculture conquers the desert | The Sagamore
  14. Northern Ontario and Cultivating the Great Claybelt | Timmins Press
  15. Organic farming matters - just not in the way you think | The Conversation
  16. The farming revolution that aims to bring free-range milk to Britain | The Guardian
  17. Are indoor farms the next step in the evolution of agriculture? | Japan Times
  18. A solar-powered greenhouse in a So. Australia waterless desert | Treehugger
  19. Rural America, The New Inner City | Huff-Post
  20. General Mills boosts eco-friendly grain Kernza | Phys.org
  21. In Praise of Quinoa | The Economist
  22. Blueberry concentrate improves brain function in older people | Medical Press


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One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts

One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts from Peter Byck on Vimeo.

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