Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tuesday Links +

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Tuesday informational news links "with a holistic view" are a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture.


Indian farmers fight against climate change using trees as a weapon | The Guardian

Vitamin A rice now a reality; Field trial shows high promise, people may get it by 2018 | The Daily Star

Like an AirBNB for Gardens: We connect people to land and garden services | ALFREA

The tiresome discussion of initial GMO expectations (in response to latest NYTs Piece) | Control Freaks (This NYTs piece has created much rumbling and is still at the top of the most popular reads at the NYTs. If the author, Hakim, was smart, he'd have focused on what government policy is driving overproduction, demand for GMO seed systems. But he never even mentions the words ethanol, biodiesel, RFS, or mandate. Unbelievable.)

He keeps cover cropping simple | Western Farmer Stockman

The world's biggest meat producer is planning to test out robot butchers | Business Insider

An interdisciplinary team of seven that includes industrial designers, architects, and agronomists, Team BioNurse has designed a soil restoration mechanism that mimics the Yareta plant, a so-called “nurse” plant found in the harsh environment of the Andes. | Earth Island Journal


Agricultural Tech Investment Rises to Record $25 Billion | Bloomberg

Investors are piling into the insect meal sector, with at least $40m of venture capital recently invested in new companies. | Agrimoney

Amazon wants to open 20 brick-and-mortar grocery stores over the next two years, and the online retailer believes the US market has room for up to 2,000 of its Amazon Fresh-branded grocery stores over the next decade. | Business Insider

Arctic Agriculture: Farming Opportunities on the Horizon | Arctic Deeply

Campbell's Soup Co. has become the sole investor of a San Francisco-based company that combines nutrition, technology and food delivery into one bundle. | BizJournals

Steiner is the second German nursery that is now able to grow tomatoes year-round. | HortiDaily

Assam herbs ripe for nutraceutical and functional food development | NUTRA ingredients-asia

Los Angeles hosts first-ever wine and bug pairing | Treehugger


World wildlife 'falls by 58% in 40 years' (Largely due to agriculture) | BBC

Nitrate reduction and drainage with Iowa State's Matt Helmers; Keep an eye out for the new practice – drainage water recycling. | Corn and Soybean Digest

USDA Invests $1.7 Billion to Protect Sensitive Agricultural Lands through Conservation Reserve Program | USDA

ACEP helps private landowners, land trusts, and other entities preserve working farms and ranches and restore, protect, and enhance wetlands and grasslands through long-term easements. | NSAC


Rural Mainstreet Index Plummets to Lowest Level Since Recession: Negative Cash Flows for One of Five Grain Farmers | Mainstreet Economy

"Grains inventories… in China could reach 200m tonnes," a total which, while not unprecedented, has not been seen since the 1990s. | Agrimoney

Cuba’s Fish Farming Industry Seeks to Double Output by 2030 | IPS

Mexico: Agricultural exports increase | Fresh Plaza

JBS SA shares plummeted nearly 23%, on the news that an ambitious restructure has been scrapped, after opposition from the Brazilian government | Agrimoney

Florida’s nearly $11 billion citrus industry faces a growing danger from disease. A tree-killing bacteria is wiping out the state’s famous orange groves. Ninety percent are infected, and next year’s orange harvest could be one of the lowest on record. | CBS News

Marine Aquaculture Strategic Plan FY 2016-2020 | NOAA Fisheries doc

Why you should care about ‘Big Ag’ companies getting bigger | Harvest Public Media

More than 95 per cent of this season’s Australian cotton crop will contain the new GM cotton technology, Bollgard 3. | Queensland Country Life

If Monsanto Loses Its Name, What Will Its Haters Have Left to Hate? | WSJ

USDA Provides $3.6 Billion for Electric Projects in 31 States | USAgnet

2016 will be remembered as a wet year in the Canadian Prairies, and perhaps a "great flood" year | DTN

Falling prices, borrowing binge haunt Midwest 'go-go farmers' | Reuters

The citrus industry is on track to open a dedicated research center near the University of California-Riverside next year to tackle the deadly tree disease huanglongbing. | Capital Press

Walmart Vs. Food Co-ops | Huff-Post


Farmland Holding Its Own | DTN

The value of Central Valley farmland is falling. Here’s why. | Sacramento Bee


Siouxland Ethanol receives $500,000 for upgrades | Sioux City Journal


The Tropical Oil Crop Revolution; Food, Feed, Fuel, and Forests. By Derek Byerlee, Walter P. Falcon, and Rosamond L. Naylor (Note that Walter Falcon is well-known to this blog, with his annual Iowa farmers almanac) | Oxford Univ. Press


National USDA Official Highlights Biofuels Investments in Colorado | The Prowers Journal


Supplements aren't held to the same standards as FDA-approved drugs. Evidence indicates that few are effective, many are useless, and others may be harmful. | Harvard Health

Vitamin Chart | Harvard Health

Organic Foods That Aren’t Worth Organic Prices | Philly.com

Arby's Offering Venison Sandwiches at Certain Locations | USAgnet

Food Labeling Claims | NSAC

Anthony Bourdain explains why, even after touring 80 countries, his favorite destination will always be Japan | Business Insider


Film trailer from Dreaming Monk Productions. This is about an African project dealing with soil depletion and successful sorghum growing.

Nyogon: together collaborative plant-breeding trailer from Dreaming Monk Productions on Vimeo.

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