Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday Links +

Colorado's Gov. Hickenlooper, a candidate
for Clinton's Sec. of Agriculture.
Tuesday informational news links "with a holistic view" are a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture.


Clinton's top 5 picks for Sec. of Agriculture are the Governor of Colorado (friend of petroleum companies) John Hickenlooper; Karen Ross, California’s agriculture secretary; Blanche Lincoln, a former Arkansas senator and lobbyist for Monsanto; Kathleen Merrigan, a former USDA deputy secretary; and Steve Beshear, Kentucky’s former governor. | POLITICO

Emails: Clinton team mulled repeal of EPA's ethanol program | Washington Examiner

There has been a horrendous crash in moth numbers in the U.K. attributed largely to intensive farming | e360

Op-Ed: Canada's biofuels program is too expensive | Ottawa Citizen

The Chinese government announced it will take more measures to develop modern agriculture in the next five years | World Grain


"We're not manufacturing greenhouses, we're building farmers" | HortiDaily

European biochar trials show promising results | HortiDaily

Cargill and its EWOS brand marked a significant milestone in addressing fish health and disease prevention through the inauguration of one of the world's largest and most significant research centers of its kind. Located in the Pacific coastal town of Colaco, Chile, the Cargill Innovation Center is geared specifically toward improving the health and well-being of (farmed) salmon. | Feedstuffs

The Next Hot Trends in Food | WSJ

Australian Cattle Numbers Hit 20 year low | Global Meat

Brazilian Cattle Herd Grows To Record 2.15 Million Head | DTN

How Do You Hail a Tractor in India? All It Takes Is a Few Taps on Your Phone | NYTs

Companies and Government Seek New Answers for Food Deserts - Retailers look for new ways to finance stores in poor areas, as well as ways to deliver food to customers | WSJ

Increasingly, Japanese are farming their own fish. | Asia.nikkei


Main Purpose of CRP | Agweb Mailbag

Cut Down On Bee-Killing Pesticides? Ontario Finds It's Easier Said Than Done | NPR

Marijuana's hidden price: Environmental impact | Science Daily

These days, grocery stores contain aisle after aisle of products encased in plastic packaging. This practice preserves food and might help prevent food waste, but does the environmental cost justify it? The cover story of Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), the weekly newsmagazine of the American Chemical Society (ACS), looks into the matter. | US Agnet

Five Ways Agroforestry Can Grow Forest Products and Benefit Your Land, Your Pockets & Wildlife | USDA Blog

Specialty crop block grant program awards $62.5 million to 693 food and farm projects | NSAC Blog

3 great new food trends that embrace sustainability | Treehugger

Kent study recommends solution to end unsustainable agricultural practices | EurekAlert!

Recent Commodities chart from The Economist showing $ change since January 5th:


Hillary Clinton’s Plan for a Vibrant Rural America | hillaryclinton.com

Congressmen plan to defund new IRS rule making more farms eligible for “death tax” | Illinois News Network

Packaged Facts: Natural and Organic Markets Hit $69 Billion | US Agnet

During National Forest Products Week, USDA Announces $7 Million to Expand Wood Products and Wood Energy Markets | USDA

USDA Announces $7.6 Million in Grants to Create Jobs and Grow Economic Opportunity in Rural America | USDA

Britain can jettison hundreds of costly agricultural regulations which have pushed up food prices, offsetting the extra costs of European Union tariffs, according to a report by a free market thinktank. | The Guardian

Peruvian Farmers, Chefs Cash In On Guinea Pig Craze | NPR

An avocado shortage might not be such big news if it weren’t for the oft-criticized North American Free Trade Agreement. | The Mercury News

Supermarkets’ Best Weapon Against E-tailers: Produce - Physical stores are sprucing up their fruit and vegetable offerings to drive traffic and keep Amazon at bay | WSJ

Lentil boom goes bust as crops recoup from Canada to India | Globe and Mail

Dow-DuPont's Modified Corn Fails to Control Pest, Scientists Say | AgWeb

Ukrainians love to grow sunflower seeds | Agrimoney

Cooperatives Drive Cuban Agriculture | Iowa Public Television

Record corn harvest sets tone for upcoming Export Exchange | Farm Forum

Farmers nicked on rail costs | KELO

Ice Cream Maker Plans $40.5 Million Expansion in Iowa | AgWeb

Is Kroger going to buy Whole Foods? | CNN Money

Six States account for about half of all U.S. pumpkin production | USDA Chart


Climate change is affecting the growing and harvesting of tea | Phys.org

Changing Climate Threatens World’s Smallholder Farmers | IPS


Unique Conservation Partnership Helps Create Win-Win Situation | USDA Blog

Conservation program pairs up ranchers, birds | 9 News (includes video)

'Beer archaeologist' balances invention at Boulder's Avery Brewing, teaching at CU Boulder | Daily Camera

Colorado Proud School Meal Day Features Local Yak, Peaches, Potatoes and More! | USDA Blog


North Carolina Biotechnology Center receives $1.87m grant for sorghum-to-biofuel research | Biofuels International

Ethanol exports to China grow 1,227% | Biofuels International

Researchers accidentally turn carbon dioxide into ethanol | engadget


The Soils of the USA is the first comprehensive coverage of the soils in the U.S. since 1936. Written by 46 soil scientists from across the country and richly illustrated, the book provides an overview of the distribution, properties and function of soils in the USA, including Alaska, Hawaii and its Caribbean territories. | EurekAlert!


Could Rosemary Be the Secret to a Long, Healthy Life? | Modern Farmer

Fruit-rich Mediterranean diet with antioxidants may cut age-related macular degeneration risk by more than a third | Science Daily

The New Low-Cholesterol Diet: Plant Sterols and Stanols | WebMD


Corn Maze at Chatfield Farms - Denver Botanic Gardens (this is sweet!)

Corn Maze at Chatfield Farms from Denver Botanic Gardens on Vimeo.

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