Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tuesday Links +

Jeans Jams at the Corvallis, Oregon Farmers Market

Tuesday informational news links "with a holistic view" are a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture.


In New Ozone Alert, A Warning Of Harm to Plants and to People | e360

‘Strict’ pesticide rules fail to erase threat to Wisconsin’s drinking water | Wisconsin State Journal

Agriculture’s dim future in Santa Barbara County (Commentary) | Santa Maria Times

Return of screwworm could have huge impact on livestock, hunting industries | Feedstuffs


Soybean nitrogen breakthrough could help feed the world; Greenhouse-grown soybean plants produce up to 36 percent more seeds | Science Daily

The best veggie burger you can buy in a grocery store will soon be sold nationwide | Business Insider

The biggest meat processor in the US is investing in a startup that makes fake meat | Business Insider

Researchers to grow and harvest crop using only robots | Farmers Weekly

PepsiCo launches multibillion-dollar health drive | FT

New kind of local food grows in your own kitchen; A home appliance that grows the ingredients for a healthy meal within a week from plant cells is no longer science fiction. The first 3D-printed CellPod prototype is already producing harvests. | Science Daily

Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato Research Takes Top Agricultural Award | Agweb

Russia's Agricultural Future | USAgnet

That Boom You Hear Is Ukraine’s Agriculture; With the conflict frozen, money is flowing to modernize farms | Bloomberg

Huge livestock carrier gains export approval in Australia | Global Meat

Omega-3 oils in farmed salmon 'halve in five years' | BBC

Amazon is planning to open grocery stores for its Amazon Fresh customers | The Verge

Nebraska farmers are fueling an aspiring snack-food revolution using Non-GMO corn. | Journal Star


Danish scientists are developing a grass that will cut down how often cows burp and pass gas — reducing the amount of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, they release into the atmosphere. | e360

We Pay Billions For Greener Farms, So What Does That Buy Us? | NPR

Golden oldies: how we saved our heritage apples | The Telegraph

US Environmental Protection Agency postpones glyphosate hearing | Horticulture Week

Types of Food the World Wastes Most | Business Insider

1,910-pound pumpkin wins annual weigh-off (grown in a greenhouse in Washington State) | Capital Press

Innovation Grows Local Food Economies in New York State | USDA

Post-industrial agriculture: France's field-to-table approach to food; Finding the perfect harvest item from a local grower is one of the joys of strolling through a French market. But life isn't always easy for French farmers in the face of climate change and competition from agribusiness. | dw.com

Man v rat: could the long war soon be over? | The Guardian

The story of hope behind Anne Frank’s tree — and how it lives on | FT

10 smart food solutions for the future | Treehugger

Corvallis, Oregon Farmers Market September 2016


Cargill’s Food Empire Adapts to a Changing World; CEO David MacLennan reflects on GMO food, record harvests and climate change | WSJ

Capturing a market for "heirloom" milk | LA Times

Oct. 12, 2016 WASDE Report | USDA

Agricultural growth in emerging markets is falling short of global goals – what can be done? | FT

Minnesota local food nonprofit to fold after winning $1M prize in 2013 | Capital Press

USDA raises already-record soybean crop forecast | Reuters

America’s Dairy Farmers Dump 43 Million Gallons of Excess Milk; Spilled milk hits highest in decades, as prices drop and supplies bulge | WSJ

Even as the industry prepares to comply with new U.S. Food and Drug Administration efforts to limit antibiotic use in American livestock, Big Pharma is marketing the drugs to U.S. veterinarians while continuing to expand sales elsewhere around the world. | Bloomberg

Millions of Chickens Killed During Hurricane Matthew | USAgnet

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is offering to purchase $20 million of cheddar cheese to reduce a private cheese surplus that has reached record levels, while assisting food banks and other food assistance recipients. | USDA

Billionaire Saudi Prince Khalid bin Abdullah could be raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars in U.S. taxpayer-funded crop insurance subsidies through farms he owns in Kentucky – but we have no way of knowing for sure. | EWG.org

U.S. Cattle Futures Slide to New 6-Year Lows on Supply Fears | NASDAQ

Orange output in Florida is poised to drop a fifth straight season, the worst slump in more than a century | Bloomberg

Michigan farm to become largest DeLaval robotic dairy in North America | Feedstuffs


Oregon is in the midst of a land crisis that could affect the state's second-largest industry if it continues, according to a new report from two of the state's largest universities. | Oregon Live

English land values fall by up to 10% in 12 months | Farmers Weekly

Brazilians Flee Drought-Ravaged Land Once Touted as Frontier | Agweb

Former Ontario farmers creating Amish paradise on Prince Edward Island | The Globe and Mail


Trump and Clinton both wrong on ethanol | The Detroit News

John Deere recommends upping EPA's proposed 2017 biofuel mandate | Deere


Colorado: Small Weld County Dairies Face Low Prices, More Competition | AP Agweb


6 vegetables that are healthier cooked than raw | Treehugger

Whole grains associated with lower death rates | Harvard

Calcium supplements may damage the heart | Science Daily


Milking in Delaval 20 unit Parlour

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