Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tuesday Links +

Western Meadowlark
Photo credit: Rick Bohn

Tuesday informational news links "with a holistic view" are a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture.

Photos of Large Scale Agriculture | NYTs Magazine


The Chinese region of Dezhou is to get dozens of hectares of greenhouse in the coming years. | HortiDaily

Our freezers runneth over: Explaining the US food surplus | AP/SacBee

Three crop insurance alternatives which are likely to be proposed in the debate over the next farm bill. | Choices

Team unravels mystery of bacteria's antibiotic resistance | Phys.org

Mega Robot dairy farms are setting up in Japan | Agweb

Origin Agritech, a Chinese seed company now led by an executive with Iowa roots, has opened an office in Des Moines, its first location outside China. | DesMoines Register

Net income for the nation's agricultural cooperatives soared by 14% last year | Feedstuffs

Lack of crop storage due to record harvests | Leader and Times [Includes good photo of corn on ground]

Lundberg Family Farms, and its network of contracted farmers along the West Coast hope to harvest 2 million pounds of quinoa this year. | AP/SacBee

Tribune, a massive machine for harvesting crops and hauling | Agriculture.com

Russia now leads in Wheat Production | Bloomberg

How India’s Taste for Soy Oil Has Fueled a Surge in Imports | WSJ

More Americans are choosing turkey over red meats | CNBC

Madagascar hillsides stripped bare as locals seek land | Phys.org

Western Innovator: A different way to farm butter head lettuce | Capital Press

Bright Green builds 5.8 million sq. ft. greenhouse in Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico for medicinal plants | HortiDaily

Two New Berries for You from ARS | USDA


Mississippi River faces mounting environmental threats. | StarTribune

Record low number of British butterflies concerns scientists | FarmingUK

Bill Mollison obituary; Ecologist and one of the co-creators of permaculture | The Guardian

Removal of nitrates in Iowa water | DesMoines Register

What's Behind Oregon's Marionberry Mania? | NPR

Perennial grain kernza is being used for beer | Business Insider


USDA to Distribute $7 Billion in Farm Bill Payments this Fall | Farm Policy

Low Food Prices: Good for Your Pocket, Bad for Small Farmers | IPS [Quote: worldwide more than 475 million farms are less than 2 hectares in size and more than 410 million farms are less than 1 hectare in size.]

Global wheat and rice harvests poised to set new record | FAO

UN pegs grain prices at 10-year low - and cautious on revival prospects | Agrimoney

Low Pig prices | Bloomberg

FAPRI's Farm Income Predictions | Agri-pulse

France's Secretive Milk Baron Loses for Once | Bloomberg

Anne Burkholder, a cattle farmer in Nebraska, talks about working and living in an area much more rural than the Florida city where she grew up. | The Atlantic

California tightens up use of pesticide Telone | AP


Ethanol in U.S. Gas Tanks is Backfiring for Climate Change | Climate Central [Quote: America’s fuel standard “actually leads to a net increase” in greenhouse gas emissions — by hundreds of millions of tons from 2006 to 2022.]

Canadian Ecofiscal Commission report says "It's time to drop costly biofuels subsidies" | CTV News

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released the Renewable Enhancement and Growth Support Rule proposing to update both its renewable fuels and other fuels regulations. | Biofuels International

US Farmers seek to double ethanol exports | FT (paywall)


Go east for free, Moscow tells prospective settlers | FT

Falling farm profitability is weighing on English farmland values | Agrimoney


Ghost Farms of Colorado with photos | Modern Farmer

The most popular beers at the 2016 Great American Beer Festival in Denver | CNBC


How Michelle Obama quietly changed what Americans eat | VOX

Whole Foods, Wal-Mart And The Coming Commoditization Of Organic Grocers | Seeking Alpha

Ube Is The Natural Ingredient That Turns Food Perfectly Purple | Huff-Post


Test driving a driverless tractor in Southampton | BBC News

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