Saturday, November 26, 2011

Design for a Small Portable Chicken Coop or Chicken Tractor

This is a century-old design for a chicken tractor or portable chicken coop which is still commonly used today. With the abundance of materials (including recyclables) available today, please innovate to improve upon this old design! Following the instructions, I've added five illustrations of more recent chicken tractors to inspire you.

A Portable Chicken Coop or Tractor

One of the annoyances about an ordinary chicken coop is that it is not easily moved from place to place, nor provided with a yard. To obtain a yard the coop must be moved separately, and thus require the loss of more or less time.

In the drawing shown herewith is a simple, homemade coop, which can very easily be moved by the aid of the handles at the apex at each end.

The coop is built of ordinary material on a base frame, and with a V-shaped roof and side frames.

The ridge pole is extended, as shown at each end, to form a handle.

A convenient length is about 2 feet for the coop and 3 or 4 feet for the yard. If desired, the hens may be allowed the freedom of the yard or may be held in by slats, as shown in the drawing.


Note that instructions are taken from the 1912 book, "Handy Farm Devices and How to Make Them" by Rolfe Cobleigh, which is online through Cornell University. [pdf]


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