Friday, October 29, 2010

Boulder's on Fire Again

There's trouble in Paradise

There's a saying in this town that you don't leave it "unless its on fire or you've got a plane to catch for travel." It's a joke, meaning that there's really no reason to leave Boulder on most days. But, today, for the second or third time in two months, it's on fire. And some residents close to the fire are being forced to leave, or evacuate.

This fire, named the "Dome Fire," started around 8:30AM on public land, and unlike the the Fourmile Canyon Fire back in September, this one is on the slope facing town, which means it's closer to town and has people a little more nervous. It was another windy day here (gusts between 17-35mph) and Boulder has had only 2.25 inches of rain in the past three months.

The two photos above, were both taken from the balcony at the 29th Street mall in front of Borders Bookstore around 3PM today.

This (above) photo was taken looking West from Casey's Middle School, just north of downtown around 4PM today. I sat on a small hill above the school and watched the planes circling the fire and dropping their slurry. They were extremely active and I could see the progress they were making in just the short time that I watched.

For one final shot of the fire, I chose this famous landmark. The smoke is seen behind the Boulderado Hotel on Spruce Street, one block north of Pearl Street.

My next stop of the day was a stroll down Pearl Street. It was a beautiful 70 degree fall day. A couple of shop workers that I visited with were distraught from the morning. They spoke of being without electricity for an hour or more. They were relieved to have their shop doors back open and there was no smell of smoke or fire visibility from Pearl Street late this afternoon.

Luckily, I do not live in the area close to the fire and the winds are blowing the smoke away from my side of town. So far, it appears that this fire will not be as serious or last as long as the last one, though there is a concern that some of the fire fighting resources of the area have been depleted.

For the Daily Camera's Dome Fire story plus videos go here.