Monday, July 9, 2018

Ten Ag Reading Picks

  1. Climate change is real by Art Cullen | The Storm Lake Times
  2. This is important! My northeast Nebraska farm just received 8 inches of rain in less than 48 hours, something rare in the past. Other locations not far from them reported 12 inches. Here in Boulder, we experienced a "500 year flood" a few years ago, flooding our own basement. Rain deluges seems to be the trend. Rain clouds get stuck in one place. Art Cullen equates these climate change induced rains to soil loss. Modern farming methods and current farm policy - combined with 500 year rain events every other year - mean our most precious resource - black prairie Midwestern topsoil - is washing away. What a tragedy.
  3. Why Soybeans Are at the Heart of the U.S.-China Trade War (great graphics) | Bloomberg
  4. Oil, Beans and Steel: How Trade Wars Will Redraw Global Commerce (a good Ag export graphic) | Bloomberg
  5. Senate overwhelmingly passes sweeping farm bill, setting up fight with House | Wash-Post
  6. Agricultural greenhouse gases: where do they come from, what can be done to reduce them | Wisconsin State Farmer
  7. How to Steal 50 Million Bees | Bloomberg
  8. Livestock production has shifted to more specialized farms over time (graph) | USDA
  9. Monthly corn exports surge in 2017/18, reaching record levels in April (graph) | USDA
  10. Ireland Tops U.S. as the Country Best Able to Feed Its People | Bloomberg
  11. (From SEP 2017, but great graphics included, too)
  12. A Milk Startup Takes On 300 Million Cows | WSJ (Paywall)

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