Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Mushrooms, the Preferred Meat Extender

Sorry Silicon Valley. We already have the perfect meat extender. It's called the mushroom. Mix diced mushrooms into your next burger and you will reduce your meat footprint by 33%.

Mushrooms are rich in glutamate, giving them umami, one of the five important tastes that we appreciate.

Famous restauranteur, Kimball Musk, serves a mushroom-beef burger, here in Boulder at one of his restaurants.

Sonic joined the mushroom burger party in 2018, and the video above gives a short summary of their story.

The irony in this for me, as a child of the 70's, is that I remember what a bad rap McDonald's used to get because people questioned what the true contents of their "beef" burgers were back then -- they were believed to use fillers such as soy. (Back then, this was considered to be a bad thing.)