Friday, January 12, 2018

Agriculture, Farming, and Food Reading Picks

"The bakers, a market in Figueiró" by Jose Malhoa. 1898.

  1. Lee Pitts: Fastidious Farming | TSLN
  2. What's happening to profit margins? | HortiDaily
  3. Quote: Grower input costs like energy, fertilizer, labor, and trucking have risen over the past 10 years, while the prices we charge for plant products haven’t necessarily kept up. Compared to 2007, costs have increased by 21.7 percent. As a result, profit margins have slowly been "squeezed", making it harder for green industry businesses to stay in business and compete economically.
  4. E.U. cereal production growth expected through 2030 | World-Grain
  5. December The FAO Food Price Index | FAO
  6. SW Minnesota farmland values decline 6.1 percent in 2017 | Marshall Independent
  7. Nutrien, Inc.: Overpopulation And Obesity - Nutrien Set To Thrive In The New World Of Agriculture | Seeking Alpha
  8. German Sausage | BBC Travel
  9. Book Review: ‘Clean Meat’ Could Make Livestock Obsolete; Manufacturing meat without raising animals will soon shift from fantasy to reality. Early investors include Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Cargill Inc.—already the world’s largest supplier of ground beef. | WSJ (Paywall)
  10. Why China needs bigger farms; Despite huge improvements since Mao’s dire day, farming in China is still woefully inefficient | The Economist
  11. Bamboo worlds: the beauty of Chinese aquaculture – in pictures | The Guardian
  12. The Conservation Gift That Benefits Us for Countless New Years to Come | USDA
  13. A Nearly Extinct Bootlegger’s Corn Gets A Second Shot | Earth Eats
  14. Comment: Beautiful red corn photo
  15. Vermont Garden Journal: Growing Unusual Root Veggies | VPR
  16. My Month in an Organic Frozen Food Factory | Medium
  17. Gardening: Herbal remedies as close as your garden plot | Detroit News