Friday, August 25, 2017

Ketogenic Diet Pyramids

The keto-diet, or ketogenic-diet is controversial and needs to be overseen by a doctor because of changes it produces in one's metabolism and body organs.

What prompted me to feature it here, is that an older friend of mine told me that she was prescribed this diet to lose weight for her unique physical needs by a well-known and respected medical institution. She IS under a doctor and nutritionist's care.

She also said that she doesn't need to count calories, and that the diet works, that is, weight is lost when following it.

One website calls it health-by-bacon. Which is a good opportunity to say that my favorite salad this summer is the old-fashioned wilted lettuce salad, especially using the fresh red leaf lettuce from our garden. Bacon and bacon grease are used to make the super-simple dressing. Keep in mind that most people do not include enough fresh leafy greens in their diet.

The reason I keep featuring posts similar to this is that obesity is the number one eating problem in this nation and world in our modern age. Also, because my background is in healthcare, I'm not just spewing the latest fads, I weigh them with some critical judgment. I think that this is an important diet because people who have difficulty losing weight are often successful with it. A registered dietician friend of mine is on something similar to this for her pre-diabetic condition and extreme-sports athletes also use diets similar to this.

Next, are two ketogenic diet pyramids.

To find out what Harvard Health concludes about the Ketogenic diet, go here.