Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Agriculture, Farming, and Food Reading Picks for this Week

Reus van Zuidwijk ~ Strawberries

This Tuesday news thread is a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture.
  1. Big food companies are trying to reverse the curse of the center aisle; Shoppers are sticking to the perimeter of grocery stores, where they're buying more fresh food. | CNBC
  2. A thriving food culture is making Viroqua (Wisconsin) the place to be | News-Sentinel
  3. Renewables are taking off — but we still have to plan them sustainably | Devex
  4. Quote: Wind and solar ... have a very significant land footprint given they have a much lower energy density compared to hydrocarbons.... the development of new land for energy production is the single largest driver of land conversion in the U.S... If we don’t plan carefully... “energy sprawl” could result in the conversion of 20 percent of the planet’s remaining natural lands.
  5. What counts as USDA organic? One facility has more than a million hens, fillings barns at three per square foot | WashPost
  6. 'Uncertainty and dysfunction' have overtaken USDA program for organic foods | Chicago Tribune
  7. Soybean CEO named number 2 at USDA | Agriculture.com
  8. China signs to purchase 5 billion dollars of soybeans and meat | KMALand
  9. An Ag Tech RoundUp | DTN
  10. Bison enthusiasts gather at Ted Turner's ranch to celebrate success, consider challenges | Helena
  11. Microsoft Announces Plan to Provide Broadband to Rural Areas | USAgnet
  12. Interesting statistics from Australia's agricultural census | Forbes Advocate
  13. Hordes of Japanese beetles are invading Iowa vineyards | DesMoines Register
  14. Why Dicamba-tolerant soybean technology is in trouble | Agriculture.com
  15. Quote: So far, the soybean dicamba damage tally in Missouri is 203,045 acres.
  16. Iowa agriculture in the global economy, explained in 7 charts | The Gazette
  17. U.S. Farm subsidies are stifling free trade | WashingtonExaminer
  18. China tightens grip on world seeds sector with $1.1bn Dow deal | Agrimoney
  19. American northwestern cherries completely engulf Chinese market | FreshPlaza
  20. Comment: Hmmm. Not sure I'm willing to share.
  21. Thanks to new laws, hemp food products have the opportunity to become big business | Bloomberg
  22. Why Mosquitoes Should Not be Eliminated | USAgnet
  23. Drought in High Plains the worst some farmers have ever seen | ABC News
  24. One of worst droughts in decades devastates South Europe crops | Reuters
  25. Ag Lenders Pessimistic About Farmer Profits | AgWeb
  26. An invasive weed spreading across parts of New Zealand has farmers worried the country's entire sheep sector could be wiped out, at a potential cost of $3 billion. | TVNZ
  27. Kansas State University scientists and an international team of researchers have deciphered all 10 billion letters in the genetic code of emmer, a wild ancestor of wheat. | EurekAlert
  28. African farming innovations | Ensia
  29. Conservation grazing to restore Midwestern prairie farmlands | KCUR
  30. New transmission line connects rural renewable energy: The Grainbelt Express Project | CFRA
  31. A Qatari businessman’s plan to airlift 4,000 cows to a farm near Doha | Newsweek
  32. The new Nebraska Food for Health Center is a $40.3 million collaboration among researchers across NU, food and drug manufacturers and philanthropists interested in the intersection between agriculture and medicine. | WashingtonTimes
  33. Top Dividend Stocks in Agriculture | The Motley Fool
  34. Improving diet quality over time linked with reduced risk of premature death | Harvard Health
  35. General Mills' New Products Meet Global Demand for Simplicity | USAgnet
  36. Michael Pollan's Home Work Environs | Science Friday 5 Minute video
  37. Comment: Earthy, genuine, and organic. Worth your time.
  38. America’s lust for bacon isn’t letting up, pushing pork belly prices up 80% | MarketJournal
  39. Artificial sweeteners linked to risk of weight gain, heart disease and other health issues | EurekAlert
  40. The Chemicals in Your Mac and Cheese | NYTs

FRIDAY'S WRITING: If you missed my post from Friday, read it here "Is it Time to Return to Last Midcentury's System of Crop Rotation in the Midwest?"

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