Friday, June 2, 2017

Mayo Clinic Diet Pyramid

The Mayo Clinic Diet is a simple and sensible weight-loss program for life. It uses behavior modification and focuses on portion control without counting calories.

To learn more about it or to sign up for their online program, go here.


  1. Mayo is out-to-lunch on it's sweets classification.

    At 75 calories and a teaspoon of sugar that 4.6 teaspoons a day. They are suggesting being a consciousness zombie is just fine and dandy. I'll bet they have no clinical study data to reference. Not to mention the picture implies sugar sweets, including HFCS, when there isn't a distinction made of non-sugar sweets in this presentation. And this presentation in my only point of reference.

    1. I wish someone would do a field study of sugar cessation of individuals going 'cold-turkey' for a taste of the drug withdrawl. The study would best be in context of each individuals sugar consumption profile.