Friday, May 26, 2017

Alternative U.S. Farm Crops: Vegetables List

If you have farmland, any of these vegetables might supplement your income if you find the right loyal market nearby. My favorite idea which I've mentioned here in the past is asparagus, or purple asparagus. Here in Colorado where the climate is tough, one innovative farmer provides all of the varieties of rhubarb and horseradish to locals as U-pick.

These unique ideas morph into tourist attractions, too, since the bored masses are always looking for something out of the ordinary.

source: USDA


  1. Hmmm, purple asparagus, eh ?

    I'm on the lookout for new and different vegetables for my diet, so thanks to your mention I went to looking on the WWW. Sugar(sucrose,HFCS, and the like) is my ongoing nemesis, so I'll try it depending on pricing.

  2. Do you like stevia? Are you growing stevia?

    My own venture into purple asparagus is not going well. In their 3rd year, some plants have died back. Not sure why but it is possible the plant doesn't have as much vigor. I don't have a reg. asparagus to compare it to.

  3. I've been using NuNatural's MoreFiber Baking Blend for a weekly banana-nut recipe for several years, at least. I also occasionally use the liquid extract. The maltodextrin used in MoreFiber blend doesn't seem to bother me, so that's a good news/bad news thing for me - it's good that it doesn't add to my occasional sugar desire, bad news in that my consciousness still isn't sensitive enough to tell the difference with maltodextrin.

    With the limited reading I did on it, it seems to suggest vigor could be an issue.