Thursday, April 13, 2017

1903 Chicken Pen Nebraska

Mrs. Neidacorn feeding her chickens, Buffalo County, Nebraska. 1903. Photographer: Solomon D. Butcher. Glass plate negative 6x8. Nebraska State Historical Society. Library of Congress.

Every Thursday a carefully selected old agricultural photo is featured here on Big Picture Agriculture — lest we forget how things used to be.


  1. Those are nice big chickens. Must be for meat or dual-purpose. I like the looks of speckled hens but haven't found any that I like for behavior-- I keep coming back to plain-colored Orpingtons.

    Is that a man hiding by the tree on the left? An early photo-bomb. Hahaha. There's also a dog right outside the pen by the man's legs.


    1. Keen observations, Tam. Had not noticed the man's legs. There is a lot in the photo, including the horse and wagon (or whatever) in front of the barn and wheelbarrows, barrels and other wooden creations setting around. The pen 'tree' is probably a lilac.

    2. I enjoy enlarging these old photos and looking at the background-- the windmill, the horse and wagon, the dog. It's interesting to see the workaday items as much as what's on display.

      And yes, that probably is a lilac, isn't it.

    3. I'm glad you enjoy them - indeed if you click and expand them you can see more. I'm quite enthused about these pictures by Butcher as they are great quality, quite old, and unique. I will be running them for a while, all from Nebraska. Nebraska became a state in 1867, so to see this farm and its buildings, it has been there for a while, quite remarkable.