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Agricultural Science, Innovation, Sustainability and Biodiversity News 12/6/16

Pepper. 1810. Gottlieb Tobias Wilhelm.

  1. Monsanto Says Next Breakthrough for Farmers Is a Friendly Fungus | Bloomberg
  2. Honey bee brood – the larvae and pupae of drones – has great potential as a food source. It is already eaten as a delicacy in many countries, including Mexico, Thailand and Australia. | ScienceDaily
  3. Another study (Norwegian) questions diet hypothesis that saturated fat is unhealthy. | ScienceDaily
  4. Oyster baskets that improve farming efficiency while growing a higher quality product are helping an Australian company | The Fish Site
  5. Agro Belogoria, Russia’s 4th largest pig producer and packer, launched its Genesus Duroc Pork | The Pig Site
  6. A total of 80 thousand visitors attended the Growtech Eurasia in Turkey last week. | HortiDaily
  7. Researchers at New York-based Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory have used the CRISPR technology to produce cherry and roma tomato plants that produce ripe fruit two weeks faster than current methods. | The Packer
  8. Hydroponic farms are mushrooming in Hong Kong as consumers fret about food safety | Asia.NIKKEI
  9. US Army targets wool for sustainable fire resistant uniforms | Sheep Central
  10. Kribhco adjudged best producer of bio-fertilizer | Indian Cooperative
  11. Beauty Drinks to Become Billion-Dollar Market | US Agnet
  12. Australian researchers have discovered that the common Panic grasses could hold the secret to increasing the yields of cereal crops and help feed the world with increasing temperature extremes |
  13. Cargill, BASF develop omega-3-rich canola | World-Grain
  14. Sugar plant to supply residual heat for Dutch tomato grower for expansion of greenhouse acreage by 35 hectares | HortiDaily
  15. How Africa can turn a food deficit to surplus; Water supplies and soil quality are key to meeting the threat of climate change to the continent | FT
  16. Sustainable building materials from the future? No problem. Learn about self-healing concrete, bioplastics, and synthetic spider silk. | The Boss Magazine
  17. Dewulf unveils giant four-row potato harvester for 2017 | Farmers Weekly UK
  18. Survey of New York City soil uncovers medicine-making microbes | ScienceDaily
  19. Magic mushroom chemical psilocybin could be key to treating depression | The Guardian
  20. NASA Developing Food Bars for Mars Missions | VOA News
  21. 3D printed meat technology could be the “next big advancement” for the protein industry, according to a research paper published by Meat and Livestock Australia | Global Meat News
  22. Institute on the Environment researchers produce map of farming households across the world | EurekAlert
  23. Plants produce, in total, an estimated million-plus organic chemicals, and each plant is believed to contain as many as 15,000, on average - how to identify them. | EurekAlert
  24. Startup to grow fresh 'super-local' food out of recycled shipping containers in Paris | Treehugger
  25. Open-source tools accelerate plant breeding in developing countries |
  26. Teff growers of South Africa hope to export teff to Europe | Nutra Ingredients

  1. Today is World Soil Day | USDA
  2. World Soil Day: Advancing soil health through research | IFPRI
  3. Feed the Soil First, Then Feed the World | Agweb
  4. Soil and pulses can make major contributions to the challenge of feeding the world's growing population and combating climate change, especially when deployed together | FAO
  5. Government of Canada to Strengthen Environmental Research in Agriculture | Gov't Canada
  6. Monsanto is seeking to become "carbon neutral" by 2021 | AGree
  7. Mainstreaming biodiversity to guarantee food security and nutrition | Eco-business
  8. Coconut Diversity Under Threat | Business Insider
  9. Waste of food, natural resources, and human talent taking a toll on Mediterranean agriculture and rural development | FAO
  10. USDA awards $6.7 million for research to support healthy agroecosystems | EurekAlert
  11. Farmers and conservationists join forces for pollinator survival | Southwest Farm Press


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