Thursday, November 3, 2016

Haymaking the Old Way in Slovenia 1961

Haymaking. 1961. Slovenia. Photo by: Joze Gal.

Photo description using Google translate:
Bad weather in the second half of May, ie a few days lengthen start cleaning up the first mowing of grass, but nothing is missed. Beautiful days allow for a smooth drying and thus spospravilo quality crop. On farms say that this year's harvest of hay and 50 para. better than it was last year, when the first mowing suffered salty. To make mowing grass utmost quality stowed away, on farms, economy, agricultural cooperatives and private farmers make use of various kinds of dried, by means of which the haymaking cheaper organic feed, due to smaller losses of nutrients better quality. Where it is not looked at the weather and have started to mow in the first half of May they have been harvested half meadows. Of course, these grasses are not dried, but the green konservirali - ensiled. Thus, the holding Kozjak started first odkosom 10th May and almost everything until now mowed ensiled. The practice of grass silage is kept in our already very extensive and virtually no economy that grass would not siliralo. In pospravljanju first mowing it is necessary to mention the fact that today quite a number of holdings in the Maribor district uses mechanized cleanup hay. Pieces were replaced with manual or motorized and lawn tractor, forks and rakes while horse-drawn or tractor rakes, balers, loaders etc., Driving carts are already largely replaced trailers. Pictured: The old way of mowing and haymaking.

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