Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tuesday Links +

Photographer: Judy Sanchez
Munson Farm Indian Corn, Boulder, Colorado

Tuesday informational news links "with a holistic view" are a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture.


Researchers report in the journal Science that they can increase plant productivity by boosting levels of three proteins involved in photosynthesis. In field trials, the scientists saw increases of 14 percent to 20 percent in the productivity of their modified tobacco plants. | Phys.org

Thanksgiving Dinner Ticks Down to Less Than $5 Per Person | US Agnet


Food and agriculture companies seeking to secure future food supply pitch innovative ideas | ABC AUS

Investors bet on farmed kelp being Alaska's next seafood export | ADN

Drones will transform the way food is grown next year | CNBC

Indoor farming may be the future of food production | Iowa State Daily

Two More States Legalize Hemp, Setting Foundation to Nullify Federal Prohibition in Practice | Tenth Amendment Center Blog

This week the global cannabis industry gathered at the Rio in Las Vegas for the 5th edition of the annual Marijuana Business Conference & Expo. The sold-out event attracted more than 10,000 visitors. | HortiDaily

Earlham Institute receives supercomputing award for wheat research | EurekAlert!

Toadstool footstools: Are organisms manufacturing's future? | AP


Design with the natural cycle in mind to ensure that carbon ends up in the right places, urges William McDonough | Nature

Dutch announce research themes for low-energy protected horticulture | Hortweek

P.E.I. farmer assists in near-eradication of methane from cow farts | CBC News

Farming network shares new thinking and techniques | Farmers Weekly

New Aerial Survey Identifies More Than 100 Million Dead Trees in California

Burlington, Vermont's commitment to sustainability and local food. | Politico

USDA Awards $9.4 Million for Safer, More Effective Pest Management | US Agnet

A look at the powerful pesticide industry, its effect on the developing world and how small farmers are fighting back. | AlJazeera

Dung beetles found to reduce survival of livestock parasites | Phys.org

Will Prestage packing plant fuel a hog confinement boom? | DesMoines Register

Two Decades Old Community Farm in Tennessee Teaches People to Grow Food Sustainably | Seedstock

Photographer: Emily Gillis
Western Meadowlark, Boulder, Colorado


WIFE continues 40 year battle to improve agriculture economy | Star Herald
k.m.: I loved this article, its timing, the good small town paper reporting, and the large issues these rural women are not afraid to tackle.

Renewable Fuel Standard ‘Solid‘ in Trump Era, Vilsack Says Because Taxpayer Funded infrastructure is in place | Bloomberg

A look at how will 17 million chickens affect the Fremont area | Norfolk Daily News

Precision spraying could reduce herbicide use by 95% | Farmers Weekly

British Wool: a thriving industry, thanks to running the last marketing board in the country | Telegraph UK

Those luxury Egyptian cotton sheets you own may not be luxurious – or Egyptian | The Guardian

New life for tea in the San Joaquin Valley | Food Blog UC Davis

$3.5 Billion Fertilizer Plant in Ethiopia | Morrocco World News

Down economy has many farmers looking for agronomists’ advice | Harvest Public Media

Deputy PM says agriculture is engine of Russian economic growth | TASS

Chinese DDG imports to halve, as boom time ends | Agrimoney

Chinese investors smell profit in garlic | Asia Nikkei

Barn Fire at Ohio Poultry Operation Kills 22,000 Chickens | AP

Canadian canola meal sales to China spike to five-year high | Globe and Mail


Big Farms Are Getting Bigger And Most Small Farms Aren’t Really Farms At All | FiveThirtyEight

The Changing Organization and Well-Being of Midsize U.S. Farms, 1992-2014 | USDA Report

Report: Sustainable Farmland Investment Strategies | Conservation Finance Network

Agriculture Investor Homestead Wraps Up Second Fund at $400 Million; The San Francisco firm invests in farmland in the Mountain West, Pacific, Midwest and Delta regions | WSJ


Earth’s plants are countering some of the effects of climate change; More photosynthesis means a slower rise in carbon dioxide levels | The Economist

Biochar at COP22; Sequestering carbon in the soil gets less attention than other, longer-lasting carbon-capture techniques, but its benefits extend beyond climate mitigation. | PS Mag

Climate Change, A Goat Farmer’s Gain | IPS


Seaweed Could Help Clean Up Our Dirty Garment Industry | Motherboard

Patagonia admits there's a problem with synthetic clothes | Treehugger

Yoga wear brand helps clean up oceans | Innovation in Textiles

Berkeley clothing company Harvest & Mill has a mantra: ‘You are what you wear’ | Berkeleyside


"The Tao of Vegetable Gardening" | Gardening Know How Blog


Are Frozen Fruits and Vegetables as Nutritious as Fresh? | Well NYTs

11 foods you should never refrigerate | Treehugger


Hen picked: the UK's National Poultry Show – in pictures | The Guardian
DNA evidence from 5,310-year-old corn cob fills gaps in history | Eurekalert!

Are Trees Sentient Beings? Certainly, Says German Forester | E360

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