Sunday, August 14, 2016

Global Food and Agriculture Photos August 14, 2016

A market worker carries bowls of apples for display on a fruit and vegetable stall in Walthamstow market on August 9, 2016 in London, England. Walthamstow Market in north east London is believed to be the longest daily outdoor market in Europe. It occupies most of Walthamstow's High Street and is around one kilometre long. Photo credit: Carl Court / Getty Images.

Village living daily wage laborers wear their handmade hats as they look at the agricultural paddy fields in Nayagarh district nearby 100 km away from the eastern Indian state Orissas capital city Bhubaneswar, India on 8 August 2016. In this area Indigenous village farmers and laborers always wear this type of hat when they come out from home to work. Photo credit: Biswaranjan Rout / NurPhoto / Getty Images.

Cows in pathetic conditions at Hingonia Cow Rehabilitation Centre run by Jaipur Municipal Corporation, on August 11, 2016 in Jaipur, India. More than one hundred bovines starved to death in the Jaipur Municipal Corporation-run centre after they were caught neck-deep in cow dung and fodder that had turned slushy due to rainwater seepage. There was no one to take care of the cows for the last 15 days as the 266 caretakers responsible for feeding the cows at the shelter went on strike to protest against the non-payment of salaries for May and June. After the media reports, State government swung into action. Photo credit: NurPhoto / Getty Images.

Harvesting watermelons in a field of Sergei Chagai's farm in the village of Annenka, Spassky District, Russia. Photo credit: Yuri Smityuk / TASS / Getty Images.

A view of a salmon farming in a marine environment, floating sea cages and net pens anchored in sheltered fjords along a coast near Bodo on Thursday, 11 August 2016, Bodo, Norway. Photo credit: Artur Widak / NurPhoto / Getty Images.

A picture taken on August 10, 2016 in Sulniac, western France, shows veals in a milk producer and cattle breeder farm. Photo credit: AFP / LOIC Venance / Getty Images.

AFG National Agro Holding growing rice in southern Russia (Krasnodar Territory); An aerial view of rice paddy fields (background) of the AFG National Agro Holding. Photo credit: Vitaly Timkiv / TASS / Getty Images.

Mostly women and children work at a field to process dry red chili peppers in Sanliurfa, Turkey on August 12, 2016. After red chili peppers are separated from their stems they dry under the sun and workers split them into pieces by hand. Later on they go through the machine process to break them into pieces. Photo credit: Halil Fidan / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images.

Village living farmer and daily wage laborers look at the agricultural paddy fields as they replants paddy saplings for this years crop after the monsoon downpour outskirts of the eastern Indian city Bhubaneswar, India, Friday, Aug.12, 2016. Photo credit: Biswaranjan Rout / NurPhoto / Getty Images.

Local community volunteers help harvest the heritage wheat crop from the public Ruskin Park, on 8th August, 2016, in the south London borough of Lambeth, UK. The wheat has been growing in the park's long grass area, a corner where a variety of wheat such as Blue Cone Rivet, Rouge d'Ecosse and Old kent Red and others including from Ethiopia, have thrived. London heritage wheat specialist and baker Andy Forbes, will have his produce ground in the once-derelict windmill in Brixton, which, after Lottery funding, now serves the community as a working mill. Harvest helpers included passer-by Danielle Naki (in yellow), who picked up a sickle and cut wheat as she once did as a child on her father's farm in Ivory Coast. Photo credit: Richard Baker / Getty Images.

Crops harvesting in Belarus in a field of the Turovshchina agricultural company. Photo credit: Viktor Drachev / TASS / Getty Images.

Staple food products, provided with the help of members of charities and traders, are brought to bazaars after breaking Assad forces' siege over Aleppo, at opposition controlled areas in Aleppo, Syria on August 12, 2016. Photo credit: Ibrahim Ebu / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images.

An Afghan farmer harvests wheat in a field on the outskirts of Herat on August 10, 2016. Photo credit: AFP / AREF Karimi / Getty Images.

Inside the Monozukuri/Takumi no Waza Traditional Skills Expo: A mukimono-style decorative garnish vegetable in the shape of a fish sits on display in Tokyo, Japan, on Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2016. As Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sees it, Japan's tight labor market is a key success of his economic strategy: the unemployment rate is the lowest in 21 years and the job-to-applicant ratio is the highest in 25 years. Photo credit: Kiyoshi Ota / Bloomberg via Getty Images.