Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Boulder County Fair Photos 2016

What a treat to attend the 2016 Boulder County Fair last week. This county fair is the oldest county fair in the state of Colorado, begun in 1869. It was moved from Boulder to Longmont, Colorado in 1885.

Boulder County Fairgrounds Sign (in front of Midway)

A Patriotic Horse in 2016 ~ Boulder County Fair

A nice bunch of Dairy Cows ~ Boulder County Fair 2016

Two dedicated 4-H members showing their Pigs to a Judge
at the 2016 Boulder County Fair

"Love at first sight" ~ Boulder County Fair
These two fellas became my best friends instantaneously. In fact, I made many new best friends in the large goat barn that day.

Beautiful work horse but I'm glad I'm not in charge of feeding him.
2016 Boulder County Fair

Friendly Quackers at the 2016 Boulder County Fair
The poultry building is large and filled with many varieties of chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys.

You can imagine the large variety of chickens and ducks by looking at these 3 egg cartons.
2016 Boulder County Fair

One evening's entertainment complete with straw bales and dancing.

Draft Horse 'n Buggy Show ~ 2016 Boulder County Fair
I certainly appreciated the heroic efforts of all of the fair participants. They spend a great deal of time and investment to contribute to the fair's success each year.

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  1. The patriotic horse looks very American. We enjoy attending county fairs, so much fun.