Friday, July 22, 2016

TED Talk: Microbes as Future of Sustainable Food Using NASA Idea

In this TED Talk, Lisa Dyson explains how "A Forgotten Space Age Technology Could Change How We Grow Food" by using carbon recycling microbes.

Quote: And what would be the products of this new type of agriculture? Well, we've already made a protein meal, so you can imagine something similar to a soybean meal, or even cornmeal, or wheat flour. We've already made oils, so you can imagine something similar to coconut oil or olive oil or soybean oil. So this type of crop can actually produce the nutrients that would give us pasta and bread, cakes, nutritional items of many sorts. Furthermore, since oil is used to manufacture multiple other goods, industrial products and consumer products, you can imagine being able to make detergents, soaps, lotions, etc., using these types of crops.

Bio of Lisa Dyson: Dr. Lisa Dyson is the CEO of Kiverdi, a technology company with a mission to develop innovations that go beyond traditional agriculture to help us feed and power a growing world, one that will include 3 billion more people by 2050. Kiverdi's bio-process uses natural microbes to convert CO2 into the proteins and oils that are the same as the ones we use today for sustenance and to power industry.

Dyson holds a PhD in physics from MIT and has done research in bioengineering, energy and physics at Stanford University, UC Berkeley and Princeton University, among others. She was a Fulbright Scholar at the Imperial College London in the United Kingdom, where she received a master of science, and has degrees in physics and mathematics from Brandeis University.

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