Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday Links +

Iowa's thirst for new farmland helped drive the loss of 97,000 acres of woodlands in just five years; Record-high prices for corn and soybeans in 2012 fueled much of Iowa's woodland losses, as farmers put more land into production to reap bigger profits. | DesMoines Register

The U.S.'s growing tea industry; a lucrative crop can be raised on very small plots of land since a grower can plant 6,000 perennial tea bushes on a single acre of land for about $20,000. | The Guardian

Cooperative Organic Valley was founded by seven dairy farmers in 1988 in La Farge, Wisconsin - it now counts as members more than 1,800 farmers - 1,456 are dairy farmers, 342 raise beef cattle and 174 grow produce. | NYTs

GMO food labeling agreement | The Hill

Promoting Free Trade in Agriculture | Heritage.org

The global farmland grab in 2016: how big, how bad? | Grain

The clamor for organic crops and farmland | NYTs

Credit Suisse forecast potash prices to fall until at least 2018 | Agrimoney

India planted 49.3 million trees in just 24 hours earlier this week in an effort to raise awareness of forest conservation, air pollution, and the fight against climate change — shattering the previous world record of 847,275, set in Pakistan in 2013. | Yale E360

Bridging the gap between forestry and agriculture to improve food security | FAO

Europe is awash in milk and offers €500 million to help dairy farmers | Politico

The growth of the plant based milk market | FT

Soil ‘booster shots’ could turn barren lands green | Science Mag

To protect native grasslands, sodsaver provision must be strengthened | NSAC

Almost 50% of Russians grow their own fruits, vegetables | Fresh Plaza

A 'slow catastrophe' unfolds as the golden age of antibiotics comes to an end | LA Times

Future farm robotics | Farm Industry News

Biofertilizers market size is likely to be valued at USD 1.66 billion by 2022 | Global Market Insights

Mainstreet Economy report for July 2016 | Creighton.edu

Sugar industry's enduring hold over Everglades | LA Times

Lentil Processor Sees Record Canadian Exports as Acreage Expands | Agweb

This Cattle-Herding Robot Will Put Dogs Out of Work | Gizmodo

Could Truffles Be a Fit For U.S. Farmland? | Agweb

Preliminary lab studies at the Salk Institute find THC reduces Alzheimer's beta amyloid proteins in human neurons | Salk.edu

U.S. wheat crop forecast largest since 2008 | World Grain

For some growers, farmers markets just aren’t what they used to be | Wash-Post

The Future of Food in Cities: Urban Agriculture | IPS

The hollowing out of rural Japan | LA Times

Beginning closed-circuit farming in SantaFe with hopes to expand the system | Daily Sentinel

Lamella Roofs | No Tech Magazine

Meet Fort Collins 'prettiest chickens' | Harvest Public Media

Is this the soon to be announced VP choice?
If so, expect a no holds barred commentary from me!!!

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