Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tuesday Links +

Jim Goodman: Genetically engineered crops part and parcel of decline of rural communities | Madison.com

Making Our Farm & Food System Accountable | Land Stewardship Project

New genetically modified crops push old regulations | Harvest Public Media

Energy Conservation in Agriculture by Joseph Romm | Mother Earth News

THE WAR ON WEED: Monsanto, Bayer and the push for corporate cannabis | Sky Valley Chronicle

Cargill sells U.S. ag-retail business to Agrium | Reuters

Danone to Buy U.S. Soy-Milk Maker WhiteWave for $10 Billion | Bloomberg

Farming is now done in 30 foot tall stacks without sunlight, pesticides, or soil | Geek

To save the bison, ranchers say we should eat more of them | Harvest Public Media

Farmers lobbying for the right to fix own tractors | AP

Senate Backs Bill to Label Genetically Modified Food | AP

One agricultural journalist's strong critique of Congress's GMO Labeling Bill | Lincoln Journal Star

Livestock’s Contributions to Climate Change: Facts and Fiction by Frank Mitloehner UC Davis | White Paper (He quantified livestock emissions as 4.2% of all U.S. GHG emissions.)

Corn Usage, Mandates, and Ethanol Production | Ag MRC

Chart: The share of world population that is food insecure is projected to decline | USDA

Suicide by job: Farmers, lumberjacks, fisherman top CDC's list | AP

About Farmland Partners latest Florida land purchase | Agrimoney

Did you ever wonder which vegetables and fruits tolerate shade the best? | Mother Earth News

Biofertilizers 2016: This report fully covers the main types of biofertilizers - nitrogen fixers; phosphate solubilizers and mobilizers | Research and Markets

New Agriculture Technology On Display At California State Fair | CBS Sacramento

New $240 Million Hog Processing Plant to Be Built in Wright County, Iowa | AP

FAO food price index went up because of sugar but is still a percentage point less than a year ago | FAO

How trade problems between the EU and Russia are affecting meat and milk prices, as well as other Ags | Euractiv

Farmland values in England are falling at the fastest rate in 12 years | Agrimoney (Government policies - including zero percent interest rates - and subsidies - are what support Ag land prices)

David Suzuki: Dark earth could herald a bright future for agriculture and climate | Straight.com

Report: Vermont supermarkets lose 3,000 products over GMO law | AgPro

Rickshaw gets upgrade with hemp sidecar | Scidev.net

Chef's Table Documentary Show | Netflix (I am told this is a wonderful documentary series available on Netflix)

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