Tuesday, May 31, 2016

This Month's Links Round-Up

MUST-READ: A New Paradigm For Grain Prices? This article would make all of those farmland institutional investors think twice. (DTNPF)

FARMING: Digital farming could spell shake-up for crop chemicals sector (Reuters)

AGRICULTURE: Farm Debt Accumulating. Be sure to look at Chart 7: Input Costs and Returns for U.S. Corn Production. (FRBKC)

SUSTAINABILITY: Socioeconomic and Environmental Impacts of GE Crop Production Raise Concerns. This is another must-read. For all of the articles debating GMOs out there of late which miss the point, this article nails it. (NSAC)

DAIRY: Changing Structure, Financial Risks, and Government Policy for the U.S. Dairy Industry (ERS USDA)

CORN BELT: Minnesota farmers warned not to plant Monsanto's latest Roundup soybeans (Star Tribune)

WATER: Water 4.0—the next revolution in urban water systems (Phys.org)

LAND-USE and CARBON SEQUESTRATION: Soil carbon sequestration potential of US croplands and grasslands: Implementing the 4 per Thousand Initiative (JSWC)

IN-DOOR PRODUCTION: Crisis in Dutch horticulture far from over (Horti-Daily)

LAND-USE: The Sand Mines that Ruin Farmland (NYT)

ENERGY: The Age of Cheap Oil and Natural Gas Is Just Beginning (Sci-Am)

SCIENCE: If weeds were allowed to grow with no control measures, about half of corn and soybean crops across the United States and Canada would be lost (Science Daily)

ROBOTICS: Sweet-pepper harvesting robot tested by Dutch grower (Horti-Daily)

BIOFUELS: Scrapping EU biofuels targets is the right thing to do (EurActiv)

HEALTH: What foods can help fight the risk of chronic inflammation? (Science Daily)

FOOD: The FDA’s new food labels (Medium)

ADDED SUGAR: You’d Be Surprised at How Many Foods Contain Added Sugar. Pay attention to those new food labels! (NYT The Upshot)

MEAT: Might a shift away from meat and toward fruits and vegetables create larger environmental effects? One cannot make blanket statements against meat production, as there are wide variables. (Conversable Economist)

HEALTHY RECIPE: Corn, Tomato and Avocado Salsa (Space Coast Daily)

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