Friday, February 12, 2016

Reader Note: Title Change Back to Big Picture Agriculture

This note is to say that as of today, I've changed the title of this site back to Big Picture Agriculture - although the site web address, or URL, remains the same. It seems that for some unknown reason my old site, Big Picture Agriculture (.com) has been infected by a virus if you search for it and land on that page and it has been that way for many months.

It will take time for the search engines, bots, and Google to catch up to this new change, but in the long run, I think it will be for the best. Thanks for bearing with me.

In other news I'm venturing into getting my art into a Denver gallery and beginning to work on a book, which may or may not ever become published, we shall see. Life is good and I still enjoy doing this blog and having all of you -my loyal followers- very much.
Kay M.


  1. yea! it's a lot easier to attribute a post to a site named Big Picture Agriculture than "Old Farm Photos"

    (i've used k.m. on occasion becuase that's what my feedreader gives me for you)

    1. It seems Old Farm Photos gets no respect. I set that site up in such a hurry, am now having some second thoughts and regrets. You've nailed one of the reasons I did it. Thanks,

    2. you know, thinking about your wordpress problem...i have a backup wordpress site too, just my name, that i inherited when microsoft shut down their live blog ap...once, when searching my name, i ran into clones of my wordpress blog too, with distorted urls like your old one links to (ie, and the like)...after trying to get to your old site, i didnt have the nerve to click them, but wonder if that's a widespread problem

  2. There's some unexplainable things out there. I discovered there's a site that is trying to index every word from every site for posterity purposes. It is a questionable copyright practice but they are still going as far as I know.