Friday, October 16, 2015

Spoiled Food Waste Infographic

Source: Ensia. By Todd Reubold.


  1. I think that food waste is a big problem! How do we get the food from places that have too much to places that have too little?

    On a personal level, I think that we need more education on how to waste less food. It makes me sick sometimes to see how much food gets thrown out in this country.


  2. Yes, although I think we need to also admit that a certain amount of food waste is normal and is to be expected.

    Learning how not to waste food starts with childhood, because, the way my husband and I were raised, we waste very little food at our house. Even with the garden produce, things can be dried after all other options are exhausted. We have leftovers a lot, too.

    But when you look at countries out of the U.S. and developed nations other things come into play like storage and refrigeration and distribution.

    Seafood is a whole 'nother subject and I'd like to see it addressed sooner rather than later.