Thursday, October 1, 2015

Photo: Amache Colorado Relocation Center circa 1945

Granada Relocation Center, Amache, Colorado.

Farm project hogs ready for shipment to the slaughter. Credit: Wikimedia. McClelland, Joe, War Relocation Authority photographer. Department of the Interior.

War Relocation Authority. (02/16/1944 - 06/30/1946)


  1. Kay,

    I appreciate your posting these photos, especially this one. The antiseptic caption, though, gives me pause. The camps were forced internment, not merely relocation, people of Japanese decent lost their farms and property. Among those jailed without cause other than mere ancestry were veterans and families who had lost family members in earlier wars. I can only guess at the back story in this photo, perhaps young men who were interred and then pressed to raise food as they had done before losing their farms?

    Anthony Boutard
    Ayers Creek Farm

  2. I have done some reading about this subject and you are exactly right and I thank you for the comment and setting the record straight.