Monday, July 13, 2015

Ten Favorite Agricultural Stories this Month July 2015

1. It is quite remarkable how the global food prices of most commodities continues to fall. (above chart) FAO.

2. Researchers are getting plants such as camelina to produce 'fish oil'. The Economist.

3. Industrial agriculture is gaining a strong foothold in Minnesota and ruining its lakes for swimming and also its drinking water supply. By Hannah Sayle for City Pages.

4. A fascinating, but ugly story about yogurt entrepreneurship and capitalism. By Dan Charles for NPR's The Salt.

5. Allowing rural roads to crumble in Iowa makes sense (and) might lead to larger corporate farms. (I added that last part.-k.m.) By Eric Jaffe for City Lab.

6. Farmland REITs are fairly new to the REIT sector. By Brad Thomas for Seeking Alpha.

7. An MIT PhD student is working on small scale solar desalination for rural people in India, and elsewhere. By Julia Sklar for MIT News.

8. U.S. catfish producers are doing quite well these days. By Susan Collins-Smith for Mississippi Business Journal.

9. A bunch of grapes in Japan sold for $8,200. By Lisa Du for the WSJ.

10. Evidently, NYTs food writer Mark Bittman has temporarily moved to Berkeley, California where he's 'learning a lot', working with the University of California, and doing a food video series:


  1. A propos your first item, did you see this piece at Flowing Data? Fascinating that flour (and bread) and potatoes are trending up in the US since 2007-ish. And I really like the vizualisation technique.

    1. Thanks for that link, Jeremy. That is a very nice way of illustrating all of those foods. Also thanks for pointing out prices of those common staples, which i fear are losing out to the huge corn and soy acres and subsidies.