Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Wide Variety of Latest Agricultural News

  1. This great graphic shows what percent of each U.S. state's economy is agricultural.
  2. The old fashioned use of pigs to dig up weeds and fertilize the soil is a pretty good system, after all. 
  3. This subject never gets enough attention, that of pesticide drift hitting organic farms - though the drift anywhere should concern us because the chemicals used are very potent.
  4. "Other ways" in which technology can be used to help farmers.
  5. An FAO program will start teaching school children around the globe about the importance of soil
  6. French farmers have been especially outraged lately about fair prices for their products.
  7. How farming is changing in Wisconsin.
  8. This Minnesota study estimates that emissions of the potent greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide, has been underestimated by 40 percent in the corn belt.
  9. The important future role of GMOs in saving banana crops.
  10. Growing holy basil on a small farm in Pennsylvania for tea.
  11. A genetically modified rice to reduce methane emissions while producing larger grains might help feed the world.
  12. The world's largest bumble bee - which is up to four centimeters long - in South America, is endangered.
  13. The USDA is spending $349 million dollars for electrical grid upgrades in rural America.
  14. This Oakland, California outlet will only sell ugly fruits and vegetables.
  15. The article titled "Will the world ever boom again?" credits rural exodus time periods as the one (and perhaps only) big opportunity in which nations are able to boom economically.
  16. Rare earth metals threaten a pastoral area in rural Kenya.
FOOD BONUS: Here's another video by the California-based Mark Bittman, this, about Chinese food in L.A.

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