Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What is the Scariest Climate Change Scenario of All?

Ken Caldeira, a respected climate scientist has issued a warning.

He explains that it would only require a few people with a few billion dollars to geoengineer planetary cooling. This could be done by using planes pumping the sky full of small particles, mimicking the cooling effect that a volcanic eruption has on the planet.

Perhaps a heat stress induced famine in China, India, or the tropics could motivate a government or wealthy funded organization to take this type of independent action with the intention of restoring food security, a desperate response to a desperate situation. Caldeira tells us that through geoengineering, humans have the capability to force down temperatures ten degrees Fahrenheit. The resulting cooling would happen in a dangerously uneven and unpredictable way.

Caldeira says that he has become convinced that if there will be a climate catastrophe, it will be the result of the interaction between the climate systems and social institutions.



  1. Well, it seems like Naomi Klein covered that pretty well in This Changes Everything.
    Hope someone is paying attention this possible catastrophe.

  2. Aren't we done with toying with unintended consequences. It is well pass the time for further hubris and arrogance in thinking that we are anywhere near in control. We are in overshoot and that we are embedded in the web of all life and natural environments. The engineers must put down his or her hammer and not see everything as a nail.

  3. It might be more likely that we'd have a concerted effort where all scientists and nations would agree to go forward with an approved plan. Equally scary.

  4. When you think of lost civilizations we always tend to think the "high priests" got it wrong. Seems we have found our high priests. Glibly talking about lowering the temps 10 degrees is quite the statement. A several years of that and half the people on the planet would probably starve to death.

  5. easy to visualize local efforts at cloud seeding and inducing albedo effects