Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Simple Cure for Seasonal Allergies?

A friend, who is a PhD scientist-biochemist and worked a lifelong career for a major drug company in Indiana, shared with me his personal "cure" for seasonal allergies. I thought the treatment was worth passing along to readers, or "to the world" as it is so simple, and because so many people suffer from this affliction.

He believes that taking a tablespoon of honey a day sourced from local bees over a period of several years will cure seasonal pollen allergies. It worked for him and he began noting a remarkable improvement after one year of ingesting the locally produced honey, though he continued taking it for a number of years, gradually tapering off.

If you move to a new location, you would need start the process over again by taking in your new region's honey which would contain its local pollens.

If you know anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies, please pass this information on to them and forward this email, share it on social media, and help spread the word.

Then, if you have any personal stories about this working or not working for you or someone you know, please report your personal experience below in a comment.

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